Huanghai Lake of Haba Snow Mountain, Diqing

Where is Haba Snow Mountain – Location

Haba Snow Mountain or Haba Xueshan is located in 120 kilometers southeast Shangri-La city, Yunnan province. Mountain raises 5396m above the sea level, and is one of the tallest peaks in Yunnan province. Its lowest slopes are crossed by the popular Tiger Leaping Gorge trail.

Why is Haba Snow Mountain So Special

Haba Snow Mountain is a mountain rising above the northwest side of Tiger Leaping Gorge in Yunnan, China. It rises opposite the higher Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, and towers 3,500 metres above the upper reaches of the Yangtze River(Jinsha River). There are numerous alpine glacial lakes located in the reserve, most of which are more than 3,500 meters above sea level. Among them, the sceneries of Heihai Lake, Yuanhai Lake, Huanghai Lake and Shuanghai Lake are most enchanting.

How is the Huanghai Lake Formed

Alpine moraine lakes is a glacier relic formed by ancient cirque hydrops which is the only glacial relic distribution area of “Dali glacial period” in the area of “three parallel rivers”.


Huanghai Lake is located on the northwest side of the Heihai Lake of Haba snow mountain, 4,300 meters above sea level. The water inside is clear and free of debris, about 2 meters deep. The bottom of the lake is all yellow sand, reflected yellow in the water. Around the lake is a piece of low rhododendrons, mostly purple and red. Not far from the lake on the hillside, there are large patches of Rhododendron wardii.