Vajravārāhī Cave of Wenfeng Monastery in Lijiang

Chinese Name:丽江文峰寺-金刚亥母灵洞
English Name:Vajravārāhī Cave of Wenfeng Monastery in Lijiang

Wenfeng Temple (文峰寺) is located in southwest of Lijiang City at an elevation of 3,465 meters. The monastery, built between 1739 and 1743, is situated at the foot of Mt. Wenbi about eight kilometers from Lijiang’s Old Town. The monastery was the supreme academy of the Gagyu sect of Tibetan Buddhism. The property is abundant with numerous varieties and colors of camellias. The structure of this temple was the largest in Lijiang prefecture until the Cultural Revolution, where many of its structure were badly destroyed. In the 1980’s, government rebuilt this temple. This place has now become a very scenic spot with many big pine trees and the beautiful camellia flowers.

From the southeast shoulder there is a good view of the final ascent. The trail zig-zags up the slope and is marked by prayer flags, some are which are visible from below. The path turns right and descends slightly before switch-backing up the steep south face. The trail tops out on the ridge between two summits. Turn left for a short hike/bushwack to the south summit, with a fine view toward the north summit. Continue along the ridge to the north summit, the true peak of Wenbi Mountain, elevation 3,430 meters. From the upper compound of Wenfeng Temple to the summit — with an elevation gain of 650 meters — takes two hours. The entire hike, including the drive from Lijiang and return, takes 5-6 hours.