Wenwu Temple in Binchuan County, Dali

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Chinese Name: 宾川州城古镇文武庙
English Name: Wen Wu Temple of Zhoucheng Old Town in Binchuan County, Dali
Wen Wu Temple in Binchuan County, Dali Wen Wu Temple in Binchuan County, Dali-05 Wen Wu Temple in Binchuan County, Dali-02 Wen Wu Temple in Binchuan County, Dali-04
Wen Wu temple or Wenwu temple (Chinese: 文武廟) is a temple in China venerating both the patron gods of civil and martialaffairs in the same temple complex. In southern China the civil god or Wéndì (Chinese: 文帝), is Wenchang (Chinese: 文昌) and in the north it is Confucius, in both the north and the south the martial god or Wǔdì (Chinese: 武帝) is Guan Yu (Chinese: 關帝). Although temples to either the civil or martial deities alone are widespread, it is comparatively rare to have temples venerating both. Wen Wu temples were patronised by those in the Ming and Qing dynasties seeking success in the Imperial examinations, which were divided into civil and military examinations, and by those seeking advancement in those professions which can be interpreted as falling under the aegis of either god; so for example to the present day civil servants will make offerings to the civil god and policemen to the martial god.