Yunnan Small Group Tours

Yunnan Small Group Tours, also known as Yunnan Join-in Group Tours, mainly introduce Yunnan Small Group Tour Packages, Advantages of Yunnan Small Group Tours and Travel Tips for Yunnan Small Group Tours, which guide you to choose the best Yunnan Small Group Tours. Yunnan Group Tours are designed for the people who are budget tourists and want to visit the highlights of Yunnan with other people. Compared with the Yunnan Private Tours, the Yunnan small tours are the tours with fixed dates, fixed price, well-planned itineraries and travel by luxury van or small bus with the best drivers available. Of course, Yunnan Small group tours are cheapest. What’s more, Yunnan Exploration usually arranges the economic, but clean and safe hotels for guests. These group tours are suitable for budgets tourists who are willing to take Yunnan Travel with others. The Yunnan small tours usually include famous cities of Yunnan, such as KunmingDaliLijiang and Shangri-la. What’s more, it is very convenient to take a Yunnan Small Group Tour if you want to a famous attraction in Yunnan, such as, Stone Forest, Tiger Leaping Gorge, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, etc.

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Best Yunnan Chinese-speaking Group Tours

If you can speak or understand Chinese, it is feasible for you to join our well-planned Chinese-speaking Group Tours to Kunming – Dali – Lijiang – Shangri-La. Those classic Yunnan tours will guide you to visit the famous Yunnan attractions such as Stone Forest,  Tiger Leaping Gorge, Lijiang Anicent Town, Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, Lugu LakeDali Anicent Town, etc. If you want other Yunnan Chinese-speaking Group Tours, please contact us

Advantages of Yunnan Small Group

Travelling with a group has a number of advantages. First, everything is arranged in advance with no worries about planning things like accommodation, sightseeing and possibly where to eat or what to see. Secondly, you usually travel with like minded people with whom you may well continue a friendship long after the tour has ended. Thirdly, there is tour escort or guide who can help with any emergencies and be of general assistance.

Travel Tips for Yunnan Small Group Tours