Lufu in Yunnan

Lufu (Chinese: 卤腐; pinyin: lǔfǔ) is a type of fermented bean curd from Yunnan Province in Southwest China. It is colored reddish yellow, it has a soft texture, and it has a savory flavor. It is used as a condiment for kăo ĕrkuāi or made into a sauce for Yunnan-style barbecue or stinky tofu.

“Furu” (or “Lufu”) is a traditional Chinese fermented soybean curd which is highly valued for its smooth texture, high nutritive value, sweet and fragrant taste, and reasonable price. This cheese-like product, also known as “Chinese cheese,” is the product of fermentation of proteins and fats contained in raw bean curd. Proteins and fats are hydrolyzed by microorganisms during fermentation, and converted into peptides, amino acids, glycerols, and fatty acids which give the product its characteristic profile.