Yunnan Wild Animal Park, Kunming

Why is Yunnan Wild Animal Park so special?

Yunnan Wild Animal Park, Kunming

There are more than 200 kinds of rare birds and animals more than 10,000 head (only) in it. It contains a number of “world’s most” animals, such as the most precious animals – giant pandas, the largest land animals – elephant, the most powerful animals – lions, the slowest reptiles – turtles, the highest animal – giraffe, the largest birds – ostrich, the smallest bear – sun bears, the largest bird beak – horn bill, the most intelligent animals – chimpanzees, the most united animals – wolves, the highest flying bird (17.68 thousand meters) – Bar-headed Goose and so on.  Yunnan Wild Animal Park is a natural virgin forest park, its forest coverage rate up to 90%. So it is luxuriant and green all the year round.

The giant panda to play the parallel bars, swinging is no longer a fairy tale plot, monkeys become a diving champion is not comic book images of baby holding a bottle energetically sucking baboons.

Yunnan Wild Animal Zoo is not only for sightseeing and leisure. It is also a vivid natural and cultural classroom. A recent trip to the Yunnan Wild Animals Zoo, revealed a new pastime… ‘fishing’ for tigers, lions, bears and wolves. At the ‘zoo’, 10 yuan rents a bamboo fishing pole with a slab of meat dangling from the end that is supposed to be lowered into the animal area below, where hungry animals await.  


Natural Classroom of Yunnan Wild Animal Park

In accordance with the reform of the national education system, Yunnan Wildlife Park has fulfilled its social responsibilities, set up a science education department, set up a natural classroom project, and set up a professional team to provide creative, entertaining and educational activities for children through experiential education. We have carried out a large number of surgical science education activities such as “CW Zoo came to me” , “ Protect wildlife, we are in action ”, Love Bird Week, etc. The museum has carried out natural knowledge, zoologists, nature guardians, and Huaxia 5,000. Science education courses such as the year, the secret of the earth. In this small society built by animals and people, let the children understand the nature, independence, breakthrough, and the strength of the child.

Honors of Yunnan Wild Animal Park

Yunnan Wildlife Park: Yunnan Life Education Survival Education Life Education Practice Base, Yunnan Provincial Science Education Education Base, Yunnan Wildlife Rescue Center, Kunming Science Education Quality Base, Kunming Wildlife Conservation Association, Panlong District Wildlife Science Demonstration Base, Good Doll China Little Reporter Location Base, China Children’s Literature Creation Base, Panlong District Science Popularization Group, National AAAA Scenic Area, Kunming Harmony Enterprise, Yunnan Provincial Forest Police Association Honorary Director Unit, Forest Yunnan Construction of provincial-level demonstration bases, advanced units of the first Yunnan Children’s Fire Safety Knowledge Education Activities in 2006, and a number of popular science education qualifications and honors such as the 2008 Environmental Protection Science Park in Kunming.

Park Characteristics

The entire park recreates the original ecological landscape, implements naturalized stocking and polyculture, and imitates the natural space of the original ecology.

In the design and planning of the entire park, combining the actual conditions , adapting to local conditions , fostering strengths and avoiding weaknesses, carefully planning and designing, and building a mountain forest zoo with local characteristics , it has created a “coordinated development between man and nature” and “humanity and wildlife in harmony” Image.

The entire park is surrounded by mountains and trees, showing a natural, original, wild and simple style. The safari set up more than 10 animal viewing and display areas and entertainment and leisure attractions with rich content and unique structure. This is the ideal classroom for adolescent science education and public protection awareness education. It is also an important base for the protection of wild animals. The reconstruction of the original ecological landscape and the implementation of naturalized stocking and polyculture are the concrete manifestations of the purpose of the “seven-natural and three-point artificial” construction of the Yunnan Wild Animal Park. The park has a variety of facilities. Catering and entertainment facilities are readily available.

The animals displayed in the animal display area are mainly composed of Yunnan and western China, highlighting the unique animals of Yunnan. The large group of small pandas and green peacocks are scattered and cultured and displayed to show the theme of Yunnan’s “Animal Kingdom”. Since its official opening to the tourists in 2004, Yunnan Wildlife Park has received millions of visitors from home and abroad, truly letting you feel the life affinity of “human and nature, harmonious development”, refreshing!

Tour Route in Yunnan Wild Animal Park

Rare Animal Area – Battery Car Terminal – African Tribe – Swan Lake – Herbivore Scattered Area 2 – Giant Panda Pavilion – Lion Tiger Villa – Happy Animal Camp – Peacock Garden (walking tour) – Sheep Village – Leaving the Park.

How to Get here?

By Bus

Take bus No. 249, No. 150, No. 235 and No. 241 in Kunming City and get off at “Yunnan Wild Zoo Station”.


Go straight through the Jinjin Road to the Shida Expo College and turn left into Wuyuan Road for 1km.

Travel Tips

1. Do not throw your own food to animals.  On one hand, the animals will rob food from you, it will be dangerous for you. On the other hand, the food may be unhealthy to the animals. 
2. Range of purchase discount ticket: Children between 1.2 and 1.4 meters in height (including 1.2 meters, not including 1.4 meters) can purchase discount tickets; With my student ID card, military officer card, you can buy discount tickets. 
3. Free entry range: Children under 1.2 meters in height, accompanied by guardians, can be admitted to the park without a ticket; Visitors who are entitled to senior citizenship certificates, disability certificates, revolutionary disabled military certificates, national tour guide cards (IC cards), travel agency manager qualification certificates, and press cards may be exempted from admission to the park; Older people over 70 years old can enjoy admission to the park without their ID card.