2015 Events and Exhibitions in Kunming International Convention and Exhibition Center

1.China Catch Wrestling and BJJ

Mixed martial arts oriented Catch wrestling / Brazilian jiu-jitsu / Submission grappling club.

Rolling on the mat with great company. Welcome both foreign and Chinese friends to roll with us. Training centers at downtown Kunming and Chenggong.

2.WanQuan Boxing Club

Come watch or participate in our Friday night spar. We match competitors to spar under safe conditions for 2 round matches. Our instructors are available for sparring as well. Get a free Humdinger beer whether you’re a spectator or you get in the ring!

3.Yunnan Art Theater

Dynamic Yunnan is a masterpiece of artistic work that spotlights the unique character of Yunnan. It is regarded as a milestone creation in Chinese stage and dance history. The show has been performed 4,000 times in 42 cities around the globe. It is indeed one of the best examples of the development of Chinese minority art as well as Chinese theater show culture.

● 2004-2005 Best National Stage Dance Performance.
● Five categories of Lotus National Awards-The choreographer show award in China.
● Created and choreographed by the most outstanding dancer and choreographer In China-Yang Liping.
● Show case company for National Culture Industry.

4.Old School Live Club

Bedstars’s Douban

Drunk ‘ n ‘ Roll

new album, 《Wet Hearts & Dry Vomit》

50 in advance, 60 at the door

5.Metro Line 3: Wuyi Lu Station

If you want to practise oral English and meeting new friends every Friday night. Welcome to Join us. We have a wechat group online.
Our Wechat Offical Account: Kmenglishcorner
Wechat No:691296694

Develop a high-quality contact group,Meet with interesting people,Discover the stories behind them,Bound up our minds, Show out your talents. Join us!

6.Cantina • Wine & Chat

Yes, yes pizza is everywhere, but if you would like to taste the ORIGINAL ITALIAN one, CANTINA is your place.


Friday all day long is PIZZA DAY (10% discount).

Friday is also our SPRITZ & NEGRONI 3×2 night, a special occasion for the most classic of Italian aperitifs.

Cantina is the confirmed FRIDAY PARTY STARTER!

7.Dangsters Dance Studio, Nanping Location

The 2015 Dangsters Summer Dance Sessions start on the 1st of July and until the 23rd of August. Come dance your summer with Kunming’s best dance crew.
More infos on our website: Dangsters Website
or by calling 0871-63623121

8.Wooden Paradise 

Every week from Monday through Saturday, Wooden Paradise hosts what might be the Spring City’s longest happy hour, all ten hours of it!

From 11am to 9pm, all cocktails are 35 yuan and every pizza on the menu is 20 percent off.

9.Sofitel Kunming

Enjoy the only luxury all you can eat Chinese dining experience in Kunming.

From 11:30 to 14:00 for only RMB 108 per person.

Choose as much as you want from our 60 dishes and enjoy Cantonese Dim Sum and local yunnan cuisine in Le Chinois at Sofitel Kunming.

10.Green Lake Park

City Walk activity organized by Tuofeng Outdoor Club is a wonderful way for you to explore the city cultures, without limits, not physical training, not the kind of looking without seeing. It leads you into finding surprises in everyday life, discovering the changes and news of Kunming city, and feeling the city through the conflict and integration of history and modernization.

Why go with us?
1. Food on the way. Spiced cake thread with a 100-year history. Italian veggie pizza. Veggie toufu rice noodles. Old Kunming BBQ. Cappuccino by a world-class barista. Xuanwei Cuisine from Qing Helou Restaurant. Hand pilaf by Ethnic Dai. Taiwanese pork rib soup with rice.(Please be noted that most of these food spots are deep in alleys with a unique environment.)

2. Special tours. To find ancient street lamps of Qing dynasty. To travel by train on part of the Yunnan–Vietnam Meter Gauge Railway.

3. Kunming World War Ⅱ historic places. Memorial Hall to Victory against the Japanese and the surroundings, which were built in the shape of a goblet. Flying Tigers memorial sites.4. Camps for arty youth. Three best independent bookstores. Basketball court transformed from an abandoned factory. Foreigner Street. International youth hostel with furniture of Ming dynasty. You can always expect more!