AZ-English and Japanese-speaking Tour Guide in Kunming

This is Mr AZ, my full name is Alexander Zachary, Alexander the Great I admire very much since I planned to be an international successful businessman when I was young. Zachary, the new name is very famous past American President very honorable and loved. The old name is very famous because he is very rich man who Jesus loved and there is great story in the Bible about him. A is the first letter of The English alphabets and Z is the last one. From A to Z which means my personality is very large, it will contain the whole universe and my ambition is so huge, it will occupy the international markets as possible as I can. This is the reason why I called myself Alexander Zachary, the short call is AZ. On outside I am small, but inside I have big heart. I have been an English/Japanese-speaking tour guide for 20 years. I received the tourists from all of the world and guide them visit from the extremely wide board from vast snow capped mountain ranges to tropical jungles. I also interpreted some scientific & technical business teams to visit their associating Chinese enterprises. I have been received highly comments from my clients. And I look forward to your cooperation!