Nancy Li

Chinese Name : Li Yanmei 李艳梅
English Name : Nancy
Experience :
2004-2005 Teaching English in a middle school in Binchuan county near by Dali 2005- by now Engaging in tourism as a tour guide from then on .
Character : responsible , hard-working , communicative , enthusiastic , optimistic
Hobby : swimming- swimming in the natural Erhai lake for 2 hours everyday once free in summer , once swimming across the lake with a partner for 5 hours (8 kilometers ) travelling – travel around our province to better understand the regional situation and get more information reading – especially on the Chinese traditional culture and religion like Taosim , Buddhism and animism cycling- winning the championship in a bicycle competition organized by our Travel service .
Motto : Love the life , enjoy and treasure what you own.

Dali Chevrolet 5-Seat SUV Rental by Nancy Li