Binchuan County Entertainment

In Binchuan,if you want to spend your leisure time,don’t worry, you can findthe bars and clubs easily. Maybe you are not interesting in bar and clubs and do not want to watch performance,you can also go to orchard.That is a good choice.They offer accommodation,food,fishing and shopping.

1.Orient Vienna KTV(东方维也纳KTV)


Address:AroundDianxi Fruit Trade Maket, Binchuan County

2.Fodu BayBerry(佛都杨梅园)

Address: 20 kilometers from the county city

3.Xinkang Citrus Orchard(鑫康柑桔园)

Address:East of the county city,near Xiangning Road

4.Jiahong Gardening and Ecological Orchard(佳泓园艺生态园)

Address:East of the county city,near Xiangning Road

5.Shuangxin Pomegranate Orchard(爽馨石榴园)

Address:Gandian Village of Jinniu Town,8km from the county city

6.Fangwu Bayberry and Winter Peach Orchard(方武杨梅冬桃园)

Address:South of Jizu Mountain,30km from the county city