Culture of Xiangyun County in Dali

Horse Caravan(Mabang) Culture

When traveling in Yunnan, we hear a lot about the old Tea and Horse trade road.All of tea and other goods were carried by horse caravan,we call it Mabang in Chinese.

MaBang was the main carrying way in Yunnan province during the period of Republic of China because of the bad geographic and economical environment.As a special carrying and trade organization, in the long course of its operation, MaBang formed its own culture, including the organization forms, guild regulations and carrying routes.

In the Republic Era, there was a close relationship between MaBang and the economy of Yunnan minorities, especially “Hui” and “Naxi” . These commercial organizations grew up gradually depending on the growth of MaBang. Meanwhile, they also stimulated the development of MaBang. 

During the period of Anti-Japanese War, Yunnan became the vital communication line of imports and exports day by day, and the carrying of MaBang get more and more important because of the serious lack of motorized transport. In order to cover the shortage of motorized transport capacity, the carrying of MaBang run by government was renewed under the encouragement of the Republic government and the direction of the Yunnan local government. 

During the wartime, it took part in the carrying of strategic materials and everyday goods, and showed the important logistics effects.At the same time, with the prosperity of the carrying, some relatingindustries developed, such as the horse inns and the making of gears. And the ideas of commerce and market were spread to the remote and backward areas of Yunnan. 

Moreover, the carrying of Yunnan MaBang strengthened the understanding and association among Yunnan minorities, especially strengthened the limited economical, cultural and political communication between the interior and Tibet.