Dalongdong Cave in Zhaoyang District, Zhaotong

The Dalongdong Cave is located on Jiulong mountain, 10 kilometers northern suburb of Zhaotong city, which has 13 peaks and 9 mountain valleys, with overlapping peaks and green forests. Inside the deep valley under the mountain foot is a big cave, from which a pool of clear water flows out, known as “Dalongdong cave(big dragon hole)”. On the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, when the moon rises, it will be reflected in Longquan(dragon spring), and the moon in Longquan will be reflected on the rocks in the cave, forming a unique natural landscape of “three moons”. It is one of the eight sceneries of Zhaoyang district of Zhaotong city, named “Longdong Xiyue(dragon hole sucking moon)” or “Longquan Yingyue(dragon spring reflecting moon)”. 

It is a natural forest park and a summer resort for sightseeing, playing, boating and fishing. There are many ancient architectural communities, with carved beams, painted platform, and colored pavilion. Inside the cave built a Guanyin palace(观音殿), and theatrical stage outside the cave. Yingchun pavilion(迎春阁) and Suxin Garden(素馨园) stand separately at the south and north of the mountain. On every eighth day of the second lunar month, the locals will hold the traditional festival activity of “play in the dragon hole”.