Zhaotong Culture

Zhaotong Ethnic Culture is diverse and colorful. It is a place where multi-ethnic groups inhabit. Different nationalities create different culture. As one of the important destinations in the classical Yunnan Travel and a multi-ethnic place, Zhaotong has 23 ethnic minorities in Zhaotong including Miao, Yi, Hui,etc. Among the 520 thousand minority people, Yi and Miao ethnic minorities dominate. Each ethnic minority there has its own unique customs, traditions and architectural styles, making Zhaotong picturesque place. You will have the chance to experience the life of minorities people, learn about their lifestyle, religion and cuisine. The unique scenery, coupled with fascinating Zhaotong Culture makes it attractive and charming. Come to Zhaotong and take a Zhaotong Cultural Tour. 

History of Zhaotong

Zhaotong City has a long history. As early as the Neolithic primitive people here are home. In the Western Han Dynasty, it created the splendid Chinese culture, especially the Ba-Shu culture and Yelang Culture. Zhaotong has a distinct personality characteristics and regional characteristics influenced by the Central Plains Culture.

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Religion Culture

Religious culture seems like complex idea to study from the perspective of concepts. After all, scholars and philosophers have long debated the meaning of these terms and the impact they have had on our comprehension of the social world around us. For visitors, the temples, mosques, churches are the best places to experience the religious culture.

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Zhaotong Architecture Culture

Architecture is a comprehensive art, which is an important carrier of culture that integrates many cultural elements including space art, visual art, plastic art and folk culture. The dwelling is the material basis guarantee for the stability of people's lives. It is a comprehensive carrier that integrates human material culture and spiritual culture. It also reflects all aspects of people's life. Traditional residential buildings carry the symbols of ethnic religious beliefs, aesthetic pursuits, and material and technological levels. Zhaotong traditional dwellings have a long history and rich culture, and they have a place in Yunnan residential buildings. Residential building is one of the traditional architectural contents. Because it carries rich content, involving regional and ethnic characteristics and it has obvious local characteristics and strong ethnic characteristics. The ancient towns are full of stories with thousands year. The ancient towns are also evidences what happened in the past. Zhaotong Old Town is always full of quietness of life, which is the best place to trace the architecture culture of Zhaotong.

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Zhaotong Cuisine Culture

In the process of giving people a lot of symbolic meanings for ordinary dining, there are hidden potential factors such as human emotions, desires, psychology, personality and concept. Through the study of the symbolic meaning of the food culture expressed by dining activities and rules, the characteristics of a nation's living state, social needs, cultural literacy, moral outlook can be found. Zhaotong Yunnan is a very special place where nature and humanity are very special. Local residents often express their understanding and expectation of life in a long-term common life by gluttonous feast. Therefore, major festivals and religious rituals have the special symbolic meaning.

Ethnic Groups in Zhaotong

Like many other cities in Yunnan, Zhaotong is the place where a great number of ethnic minorities gather. Among the 5,537,000(permanent resident population in 2017) people, Yi and Miao ethnic minorities are the main ethnic groups in Zhaotong. Therefore, the traditional festivals of Yi and Miao, unique local operas, dances, music and other art forms are the common entertainment methods in Zhaotong. Multi-ethnic settlement makes Zhaotong City full of colorful ethnic culture, whether the festivals or the food.

Ethnic Towns in Zhaotong

If you are interested in the ethnic culture, these ethnic towns are the be places to experience the rich ethnic culture atmosphere.

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Traditional Ethnic Villages in Zhaotong

If you are interested in Zhongtong for its ethnic culture, the traditional ethnic villages will be the best places to experience the colorful ethnic culture of Zhongtong City. Traveling to the traditional ethnic villages, you can explore the most authentic ethnic traditions which can't be seen anywhere else.

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Ethnic Festivals in Zhaotong

Like many other cities in Yunnan, Zhaotong has 23 ethnic minorities in Zhaotong including Miao, Yi, Hui,etc. Among the 520 thousand minority people, Yi and Miao ethnic minorities dominate. In addition to the traditional festival of Yi and Miao, unique local operas, music and dances are all common entertainments in the local people's daily life.

Intangible Cultural Heritages and Inheritors in Zhaotong

With a large number of ethnic minorities, Zhaotong has many intangible cultural heritages with ethnic characteristics, such as Lusheng Dance of Miao Ethnic Minority in Yongshan County, ZhaotongSi Tong Drum Dance in Zhangtong City. Every intangible cultural heritage has its inheritors, who play a vital role in the promotion and inheritance of culture.

Culture Tours Including Zhaotong

Yunnan Exploration provides all kinds of tours, including Tea Culture Tours, Muslim Culture Tours, Zhaotong Education Tours, etc. You can choose different themes to discover profound history and culture, learn about the folk culture of ethnic minorities.

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