Dongchuan Red Land Travel Weather and Climate in January

Dongchuan Red Land Travel Weather and Climate in January

When you travel to Dongchuan Red Land in January. The average minimum temperature (usually the minimum temperature is noted during the night) in Dongchuan Red Land in January is 1.1°C (34°F). The average maximum temperature in Dongchuan Red Land in January is 14.4°C (58°F). Since this spot is a high land, so the wind is very strong here, especially in the morning.

Historical Dongchuan Red Land Average Daily Temperatures in January

January   Average High  Average Low 
1 12.8°C /55°F 1.1°C /34°F
2 12.8°C /55°F 1.1°C /34°F
3 12.8°C /55°F 1.1°C /34°F
4 12.8°C /55°F 1.1°C /34°F
5 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
6 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
7 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
8 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
9 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
10 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
11 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
12 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
13 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
14 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
15 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
16 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
17 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
18 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
19 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
20 13.3°C /56°F 1.1°C /34°F
21 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
22 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
23 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
24 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
25 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
26 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
27 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
28 13.9°C /57°F 1.1°C /34°F
29 14.4°C /58°F 1.1°C /34°F
30 14.4°C /58°F 1.7°C /35°F
31 14.4°C /58°F 1.7°C /35°F

What to Wear for a January Dongchuan Red Land Travel

Dongchuan Red Land is a mountainous area, so the temperature here is normally lower than Dongchuan town. Besides, it’s windy in the scenic spot, and there is a large temperature different between day and night, so travelers need to prepare some warm clothes. Another thing need to be noticed is that the UV is strong here, so remember to bring sunglasses, hat and sunblock with you to protect from sunburns.

Useful Travel Tips for your Dongchuan Red Land Travel in January

  • Since this spot is a high land, so the wind is very strong here, especially in the morning, please take some warm clothes with you.
  • The sunrise time will change according to different seasons. Please check the actual sunrise time with the local people.
  • If possible, bring wide angle lens, ultra wide angle lens, polarizer and tripod to help to shoot better photos.
  • In Dongchuan district, there are many hotels and hostels, and most of them are located in the bus station. Both ¥20 bunk and ¥120standard room are available
  • Three Visiting Routes
    Northwest Line (from south to north): Langdadi – Jinxiuyuan – Qicaipo – Damakan
    Northeast line (from south to north): Laolongshu – Luoxiagou – Yueliangtian
    South line leading to Kunming: Yuepu’ao – Dayakou 
  • The best time to visit Luoxiagou is around 17:30. You can go to Jinxiuyuan around 18:20. Yuepu’ao faces west which makes it suitable to take pictures with front lighting around 8:00 am; the sunset here is also attractive.

Places to Visit in December Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan in snow weather will show a different style. Middle November to December: The land is ploughed and the newly exposed soil is redder. Parts of the red land are planted with green highland barleys and wheat. When you view the lands from afar, the combination of colors is very impressive and attractive. but roads may be blocked due to the frozen days.

  • Damakan Village(打马坎): Best Sunrise
    Damakan Village is located in the northwest part of the whole scenic area, and it’s the best place to shoot sunrise scene. It’s about 10km from Huashitou Village. Standing on the highway and you can overlook the red land and the beautiful sunrise. The scenery in Damakan is very magnificent, and with luck, it’s possible to see the cloud sea here
  • Qicaipo (七彩坡, Seven-Color Slope)
    Qicaipo is close to Damakan and is located in the way from Damakan to Huashitou Village, and it means seven colors slope in Chinese, which perfectly explain the scenery here. The colors here are very beautiful. The best shooting time is in the afternoon.
  • Jinxiu Yuan (锦绣园, Embroidery Garden)
    Jinxiu Yuan is located on the way from Qicaipo to Huashitou Village and it’s only 1 km from Qicaipo. Jinxiu Yuan is actually a large concave ground and there is a sightseeing road built along its mountainside. Best time for shooting is in the afternoon.
  • Luoxiagou (落霞沟, Sunset Valley): Best Sunset
    Luoxiagou, means sunset valley in Chinese, has the most beautiful sunset scenery. located at the northeast to Huashitou Village, the scenery here is often changed with the wind, cloud, sunshine and the plants in the fields. People say there are no repeated sceneries in Luoxiagou in the 365 days.
  • Yuepuao (乐谱凹, Music Hollow)
    Yuepuao is a village located in the south of Huashitou Village, very close to it. The scenery in Yuepuao is mainly made of colored fields, village and small forests. There is a beauty in the lines of the fields, just like the musical staff.
  • Luosiwan and Wafangliangzi
    If you go to Dongchuan from Kunming, then you will see these two attractions first. Luosiwan is suitable to shoot along with the sunlight, and sunrise and sunset here are also quite good. Wafangliangzi is in a highpoint and from here, you can overlook the view of Yuepuao. A funny thing in Wafangliangzi is tourists can find wonderful model in here: an old man wears his sheep fur coat and smokes with his pipe with his dog sitting beside him.
  • Ancient Tree
    The Ancient Tree has lived several thousands of years, and it’s kind of a magic. The local people think the tree is a sacred tree and they will worship the tree every year.
  • Shuipingzi
    Shuipingzi is also called Moon Field, and it’s located in the northeast of Huashitou Village. If you drive from the Dongchuan township, then Shuipingzi is the first attraction you will encounter. The red earth here stretches itself to the horizon.

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