Hani people in Yunnan celebrated new year

The news was updated on December 6, 2018.

The Hani ethnic group in Southwest China’s Yunnan province celebrated their New Year Festival.

To celebrate the festival, one of the group’s most important festivals, people from the province’s Honghe county arranged a long-table banquet, which extended for about 3 kilometers and included over 4,000 tables.

The Hani people celebrate their new year in October of the lunar calendar, as their new year begins in that month. During the week-long festival, pigs are slaughtered and special glutinous rice balls are prepared. Relatives and friends visit each other, matchmakers are busy bringing couples together, and married women visit their parents.

This year’s festival began on Nov 30.

Hani people in Southwest China’s Yunnan province attend a long-table banquet to celebrate their week-long new year festival on Nov 30, 2018.