How to Get to Cizhong Village from Deqin County

This article introduces the way to get to Cizhong Village from Deqin County. Cizhong Village is an administrative village in Yanmen Township, Deqin County, Diqing Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture, Yunnan Province. It is about 80km from Deqin County of Diqing prefecture. If you are from some big cities, such as Beijing and Guangzhou, it is recommended to fly to Shangri-La and then transfer from Shangri-La to Deqin. Here we introduce you the transportation from Deqin County to Cizhong Village.

How to Get to Cizhong Village from Deqin County?

By Bus

It is convenient to go to Cizhong from Deqin County. Every day, there are many shuttle buses to Cizhong from Deqin County. The last bus from Deqin to Cizhong is 3 p.m. It takes less than 2 hours from Deqin to Cizhong. Tourists can take the bus from Deqin to Badong, Cizhong Bridge or Weixin(via Yanmen). Except the buses from Deqin to Badong, you shall take another 20 minutes to get to Cizhong by walking.

By Chartered Car

Renting a car is suitable for a flexible and comfortable way. It is better for you to rent a car with an experienced driver and a tour guide if you are foreign travelers. The driver of chartering car can stop for you to enjoy the scenery and take photos. Yunnan Exploration Travel can provide car-rental service, please contact us. Email:; Tel: +86-871-63511469.

By Cycling

For those who like cycling, Deqin is a better place to cycle. The route from Deqin to Cizhong is suitable for cycling with good road condition and short time of about 4.5 hours. 

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