How to Get to Western Hill from Kunming City

Being around 15 kilometers from downtown Kunming(昆明), the Western Hill Scenic Area(西山风景区), is a mountainous forest park with beautiful scenery and chirping birds. Huating Temple(华亭寺), Taihua Temple(太华寺), and other historical sites are distributed in the forest. Its altitude ranges from 1,900 meters to 2,350 meters. It was also said, that there was once a phoenix-like bird resting here, however nobody recognized it. Therefore, the mountain is also called Biji(碧鸡)(Golden Chicken) Mountain. On the other hand, due to the fact that this mountain has a shape of Buddha, it is also called Sleeping Buddha Mountain(卧佛山). Besides, when you look from the distant southeastern Kunming, the Western Hill will have the shape of a Sleeping Beauty(睡美人).

How to Get to Western Hills from Kunming City

1. By Taxi

The taxi fare from city center to the Western Hill is around CNY 50. However, you may use Didi APP (Chinese Uber) to accommodate your different needs.

2. By Bus

Please take bus No.6, No.51, No.94, No.Auxiliary 6 to Gaoqiao Station(高峣). The bus fare is usually CNY 1 for Ordinary Bus, CNY 2 for Air-Conditioned Bus.

3. By Metro

We highly recommend this method as it is the most convenient one. Please take Metro Line 3 to Xishan Park Station(西山公园). The metro fare is around CNY 4 for departure station at downtown. Please be noted that the hub to transfer to Metro Line 3 include Kunming East Coach Terminal(昆明东部汽车客运站)for Metro Line 6 (You may take this line to and from the Airport), Dongfeng Square Station(东风广场)for Metro Line 2 (you may take this line to other regions of the city).

4. By Coach

Currently, there are several coach routes departing from the major transportation hub in Kunming. However, their schedule may vary according to actual seat occupancy rate. Therefore, we recommend you to consult the station that you are arriving in advance.