How to Plan Daocheng Yading Tours

Yunnan travel without visit to Daocheng Yading is not complete for trekking lovers and photographers. Located in southwestern Sichuan where the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau and the Hengduan Mountains joint together, Daocheng Yading is about 860 km away from Chengdu. Honored as the “last pure land on our blue planet”, Daocheng Yading Nature Reserve was first introduced to the world when the famous American adventurer Joseph F. Rock published an article and photographs of Daocheng in the National Geographic in 1928. Picturesque natural landscape and religion & culture are the highlights of Daocheng Yading Tours. Daocheng Yading is most featured in its natural scenery which makes it worthy of its nick name – the Paradise for Photographers. Moreover, there are numerous monasteries like Gonggar Langjiling Monastery, Bangpu Monastery and Xiongdeng Monastery, all of which have a long history of several hundred years. We offer Daocheng Yading Travel Packages themed on hiking tours, adventure tour and overland tours, which are usually planned with Sichuan and Lijiang Shangri-la Tours.  Join our Daocheng Yading Tours to enjoy its impressive natural landscape and mysterious religion culture.

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