Kunming – Wenshan City Transportation: By Air, Train & Bus

Wenshan city is the government seat of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, which is known as the ‘Town of Pseudo-ginseng’ and abounds in high-quality pseudo-ginseng. It is about 310 kilometers (193 miles) from Kunming and enjoys complete and favorable transportation. It is convenient for travelers to transfer from Kunming or other place. 

How to Travel to Wenshan City from Kunming? 

By Air

Wenshan Puzhehei Airport (文山普者黑机场) is an airport serving Wenshan City in Yunnan Province, China. The Puzhehei Airport of Wenshan is located in Yanshan County. It is about 6 km from the center of Yanshan County, 25 km from Wenshan City. There are two flights connecting Kunming and Puzhehei Airport operated by China Eastern Airlines with the journey of 55 minutes. The departure time from Kunming Changshui Airport(昆明长水机场) is 09:05 and 18:35. After Wenshan airport arrival, tourists can take the shuttle bus heading to Wenshan city. 

By Train

There is no direct trains running from Kunming to Wenshan City. Tourists can take the trains from Kunming to Puzhehei Railway Station, Guangnan Station, Funing Railway Station, Zhulin Railway Station and transfer to Wenshan City. While it’s more complicated and time-wasting, which is not recommended.

By Bus

Bus is the major means of transportation in Wenshan City. There are four bus stations located in Wenshan City: Wenshan Beiqiao Bus Station(文山北桥客运站), Wenshan Bus Station(文山客运站), Wenshan Chengnan Bus Station(文山城南站), Wenshan Chengbei Bus Station(文山城北站). Everyday, there are about 20 buses departing from Kunming East Bus Station(昆明东部客运站) respectively to the four bus stations in Wenshan city. It takes about 4-4.5 hours from Kunming to Wenshan, for about CNY 117-140.

Kunming-Wenshan Bus Schedules

Time of Departure Arrives
07:20, 07:40, 08:10, 08:40, 09:20, 10:00, 11:20, 11:40, 12:00, 12:20, 12:40 Wenshan Beiqiao Bus Station
07:30, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00, 18:30 Wenshan Bus Station
09:00, 09:40, 20:10 Wenshan Chengnan Bus Station
10:50, 13:10 Wenshan Chengbei Bus Station

Kunming East Bus Station(昆明东部客运站)
Add: Zhaoqing Road of Panlong District, Kunming(云南省昆明市盘龙区照青路)

Wenshan Beiqiao Bus Station(文山北桥客运站)
Add:No.2, Wanghua Road, Kaihua Town, Wenshan City(文山县开化镇望华路2号)

Wenshan Bus Station(文山客运站)
Add:No.10, Wanghua Road, Kaihua Town, Wenshan City(文山县开化镇望华路10号)

Wenshan Chengnan Bus Station(文山城南站)
Add:Kaihua South Road, Wenshan City(文山市开化南路)

Wenshan Chengbei Bus Station(文山城北站)
Add: No.221, Kaihua North Road, Wenshan City(文山市开化北路221号)

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