Yunnan Jingpo Ethnic Park in Longchuan County, Dehong

Chinese Name: 云南景颇园
English Name: Yunnan Jingpo Ethnic Park in Longchuan County, Dehong

Yunnan Jingpo Park is located at Guangshan Village, Zhangfeng Town, which is 2 kilometers east of new seat of Longchuan County and just beside the Ruili-Zhangfeng road.

All the villagers are Jingpos and their houses are all built in the traditional architectural style of Jingpo ethnic group. There are age-old thatched cottage and bamboo houses with short stilt, and wood-and-tile houses with Jingpo characteristics. These houses are scattered as usual. Bajiao banana tree, Mango Tree, jackfruit tree, grapefruit and all kinds of flowering tree enclosed their courtyards. The folk customs are still basically kept in the village.

A folk singing and dancing team is organized to conduct on-the-spot performances for visitors from all sides. The main scenic spots in the village include village gate, tiny temple housing the village god, Munao Zongge (mass dance) ground, small-scale dance ground, lover’s woods, etc.. There are also some shops for making and selling handicrafts, dining hall which hosts “green leave feast” accompanied with singing and dance, and other affiliated facilities. It is a good place for relaxation and entertainment.

Yunnan Jingpo Park is a wonderful place for visitors to taste green-leave feast, watch Jingpo singing and dance, experience Jingpo-style wedding ceremony, and attend folk sports and campfire party. Only by being a Jingpo, tasting Jingpo food, performing Munao Zongge dance for one day can visitors experience the genuine Jingpo customs and cultures.
Yunnan Jingpo Ethnic Park in Longchuan County, Dehong