Ninong Grand Valley in Deqin County, Diqing

Ninong Grand Valley is located in the lower reaches of the Yubeng valley. The stream of Ninong valley is formed by the snow water from several snow mountains in Yubeng village, which stretches for more than 10 kilometers, and finally flows into the Lancang river. The spectacular valley is the only way getting out of Yubeng village from Ninong, with a one-metre wide road cut between the waist of the steep mountains. 

Recommended Visiting Route

The Ninong Grand Valley is another hiking route getting out of Yubeng Village, which leads to Lancang River. After entering into the mountain, the road becomes narrow and steeper, with many boulder on the way. Then walk up to Ninong water canal in which flows the living water of Ninong village. This part of road is very narrow and dangerous. 

On the left is vertical hillstone and channel, right is cliff of hundreds of meters, below is surging river, no fence, no flat road, only rugged and rocks of different sizes. The canal takes up about two-thirds of the water, and sometimes the road is full of water, with only a few stones to be trample down. Later it forms a mountain waterfall.

Move forward and you can see the Yubeng River flowing into Lancang River. With another 2-hour walking, arrive at Ninong village. 

Note: The perfect route of Yubeng Village Hiking is getting in from Yubeng Village and getting out from Ninong village. The scenery to Ninong is very beautiful and it’s a pity if you miss it. However, the hiking path along the way is also dangerous for there are hikers died every year.