Kunming Weather in February

Kunming Weather and Climate in February

 When you travel to Kunming, the weather in February is warmer than in January with an average temperature of 4°C ~ 17°C (39°F ~ 62°F). The average precipitation is 16 mm; therefore, the air is dry. It hardly snows in this month with sufficient sunshine and good air quality. Between day and night the temperature difference is quite big. You should dress properly according to the weather.

Historical Kunming Average Daily Temperatures in February

Date Average High Average Low
February  1 61.9°F 16.6°C  39.4°F 4.1°C
February  2 62.1°F 16.7°C  39.6°F 4.2 °C
February  3 62.2°F 16.8°C  39.6 °F 4.2 °C
February  4 62.4°F 16.9°C  39.7°F 4.3 °C
February  5 62.6°F 17 °C 39.7°F 4.3°C
February  6 62.8°F 17.1 °C 39.9 °F 4.4 °C
February  7 63°F 17.2°C 39.9 °F 4.4 °C
February   8 63.1°F 17.3°C 40.1°F 4.5 °C
February   9 63.3 °F 17.4°C 40.3 °F 4.6 °C
February   10 63.5°F 17.5 °C 40.3 °F 4.6 °C
February  11 63.5 °F 17.5°C 40.5 °F 4.7 °C
February   12 63.9 °F 17.7 °C  40.6°F 4.8 °C
February   13 64°F 17.8 °C 40.6 °F 4.8 °C
February   14 64 °F 17.8°C 40.8 °F 4.9 °C
 February  15 64.2 °F  17.9°C 41 °F 5 °C
February   16 64.4°F 18 °C 41.2°F 5.1°C
February   17 64.6 °F 18.1 °C 41.2 °F 5.1 °C
February   18 64.8 °F 18.2 °C 41.4 °F 5.2 °C
February   19 64.9°F 18.3 °C 41.5 °F 5.3 °C
February  20 65.1 °F 18.4°C 41.7 °F 5.4 °C
February   21 65.3 °F 18.5 °C 41.9 °F 5.5 °C
February   22 65.5 °F 18.6 °C 42.1°F 5.6°C
February   23 65.7 °F 18.7 °C 42.3°F 5.7°C
February   24 65.8 °F 18.8°C 42.4 °F 5.8°C
February   25 66 °F 18.9°C 42.6 °F 5.9°C
February   26 66.2 °F 19°C 42.8 °F 6 °C
February   27 66.4°F 19.1°C 43°F 6.1 °C
February   28 66.6 °F 19.2 °C 43.2°F 6.2°C

What to Wear for A February Kunming

Generally, a coat and head covering is needed to stay warm at night, and spring attire is suitable for the sunny days. It rains little, and the weather is dry. There is a big temperature difference between day and night, so a tourist can dress in layers for the changing conditions. When it isn’t raining, it is often sunny with strong UV radiation. You need to do a good job of sun protection.

Places to visit in February Kunming

  • Yunnan Ethnic Villages:
    Late February, the people of the Jingpo ethnic minority and Naxi ethnic minority in Yunnan ethnic Villages will celebrate the Munao and Sanduo festivals(目瑙节和三朵节). If you visit Kunming during the festive period, you can taste rice wine and dance with the people of the Jingpo Nationality, or watch traditional sacrificial activities and performances of the Naxi Nationality.
  • Lakeside of Dianchi Lake, Haigeng Dam and Green Lake Park:
    Tens of thousands of seagulls spend winter in Kunming City, becoming the most beautiful sights. these are the best places to watch and feed seagulls.
  • Jiaozi Snow mountain:
    The mountain becomes a white beauty. Rivers are frozen. The tree branches are coated white, the grassland is hidden by the huge white carpet of snow. Animals are having a good rest in their caves. It is so tranquil and peaceful. 
  • Yunnan Provincial Museum :
    It is the best place to learn about minority cultures and Yunnan cultures.
  • The Stone Forest:
    Admire the magical landscapes and experience local life.

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