Luliang County Culture

The Municipal Intangible cultural heritage of Luliang County

Yong Family Ancient Village

Yong Family Ancient Village of Fanghua town, is located in Yongjia village committee of Fanghua Town, Luliang county. It is about ten km away from the county and connects with the asphalt road, the transportation is very convenient. “Yong Family Ancient Village” has a long history. It consists of more than 40 families living in quadrangles. Most of the buildings in Yongjia village are built during the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China. In the west of the village, there is a Yongjia Temple and a water Pavilion. There are ancillary facilities such as water supply pools, drainage and collective activity places in the north of the village. On the northeast side of the village, it is Yong family ancestral graves.

Yunnan Opera

Yunnan opera is a local opera which is popular within the Luliang people. In the old days, there were 14 opera stages in Luliang. Among them, the Town God’s Temple stage was built in the Ming dynasty, indicating that Dian opera began in Luliang at that time. In August 1956, with the approval of the Yunnan Provincial Cultural Bureau, the Luliang opera troupe was formally established on the basis of the “red flag experiment society”, which enriched the cultural life of the people in Luliang.