Lincang Sigangli Cliff Painting Valley in Cangyuan County

Chinese Name: 沧源司岗里崖画谷
English Name: Sigangli Cliff Painting Valley in Cangyuan County

Keywords: Sigangli Cliff Painting Valley, Rock paintings, Cangyuan attractions
Location: Menglai Town of Cangyuan County in Lincang
Admission Fee: RMB 30
Opening Hours: 08:00-18:00

About Sigangli Cliff Painting Valley

Cangyuan Rock Paintings found in China is the most ancient Rock Paintings of a more than 3,000 years ago in the late Neolithic Age. The unique karst landforms scenic spectacular beauty, talent, natural ; has world-renowned rock paintings ; are known as the Yunnan tours first pit, extraterrestrial footprints called Yunnan’s largest sinkhole and cave group (one of the biggest pit, 235 meters deep, more than 200 meters in diameter, circumference 720 meters) ; there contiguous forest flora of the Jurassic period – Cyathea, Dong palm forest, there are magnificent kilometer natural color wall painting gallery. Fresh and unique Va Walled villages scattered among the mountains, colorful style shine Va which make beautiful canyon scenery exceptionally charming.

Rock Paintings have been found 11 sites, located in Cangyuan County Meng to the rural, small townships to full Hom townships, and rural peace and the Flemish-Gengma County township, and other places, generally at an altitude of about 1,500 meters on the cliff.

Grey limestone quarry face painting, a painting of ochratoxin red, the local Va people called “Code with the Alem”, which means rock paintings. Rock Paintings locations screen high ground from 2 to 10 meters, long painting area ranging from 1 to 30 meters, small frame, composed of a number of scattered graphics, the image of several hundred, 187 animals, housing 25 Road 13, the symbol of Italian Table 35; there are trees, Zhouchuan sun, clouds, mountains, and the earth, such as bags like Fig. Graphic descriptions of characters are officially 100 law, and to single monochromator Le Tu Jia-ping, save facial detail, such as drawing silhouettes-way through the performance of the limbs variety of characters engaged in various activities.

The Cloud Sea Wonders of Awa Mountain in Cangyuan County, Lincang

Ancient Rock Paintings vividly demonstrate the ancient ancestors hunting, grazing, villages, war, dance, acrobatics and religious activities such as worship, rich in content, composition concise, crude ore, uninhibited, tasks, and image Variety animals, lifelike, independence in terms of style, vividly demonstrates the ancient ancestors of life scenes. The study of ancient history of the nation, religion, culture, arts, and other important values, state-level key units to be protected.

Amazing Scene of the Rock Paintings

The cliff paintings of Cangyuan is said to take on different colors as the time, weather and humidity change. According to the proverb of the local Va and Thai people that the cliff painting changes three times a day: in the morning the color is red, at noon lighter and in the evening purple. Nowadays the paintings have already been designated as the key historical relic protection unit at the provincial level.

Up to now, eleven painted cliffs have been found to scatter in the villages of Menglai, Dinglai, Mankan, Heping of Cangyuan County and the village of Mangguang of Dima County etc. Called Randianmu which means the paintings on the rocks in the local Wa language, these reddish brown ancient paintings were basically drawn on the grey limestone at the elevation of about 1, 500 meters. Measuring somewhere between one to thirty square meters, these primitive masterpieces are normally two to ten meters above the ground and include the images of animals, architectures, trees, boats, heavenly bodies like the sun or the moon, mountains and many abstract symbols etc.

The Cloud Sea Wonders of Awa Mountain in Cangyuan County, Lincang

Human figures and lively life scene are also the important themes of these artistic works on the sharp cliffs. The eyes, nose and other facial details of the human face are normally omitted; the painters instead paid more attention to the depiction of the human body and limbs. Apart from artistic meanings and value, many important life activities of these human ancestors such as hunting, dancing, recreation and sacrifice rituals and suchlike are vividly displayed and recorded, which seems to bring the viewers back to those mysterious and remote prehistoric ages.

Attraction Transportation: We can take the shuttle bus from Lincang bus station to Cangyuan County, then we need to charter a local car to go with a negotiable price.

Attraction Travel Tips:
· 2-3 hours travel.
· The tour of viewing the cliff painting is subject to the weather condition. Visitors who plan to see the painting should therefore consult the local travel agent about the timing of their visit in advance.
· Lincang is rich in rainfall and the rainy season comes from May until October.

The Location Map of Lincang Sigangli Cliff Painting Valley in Cangyuan County