Sharon Wang-English-speaking Tour Guide in Lijiang

My name is Sharon Wang, a Naxi ethnic girl from the beautiful city lijiang of China.I am a full-time English tour guide. I have been working as an English tour guide for 8 years. In 2011, I graduated from Chuxiong normal university majoring in tourism management and education service. After graduation from school, I began to work as an English tour guide, which is also my favorite job. I feel most proud and happy to visit the scenery with different tourists every day, introduce my hometown to them and show them the culture and history of Lijiang. I am a girl of naxi nationality in Lijiang.

Our minority, especially the naxi, love making friends and glad to show all the best things to our friends. And tell you the truth, it is my biggest wish to ask tourists and friends to take Lijiang out of China.To let the world understand Lijiang. Only by bringing the best service and the most comprehensive culture to the tourists will they happily bring back home the good memories of lijiang, bring  Lijiang to their friends and relatives, and finally introduce more friends come to our lijiang. My biggest wish is try my best to present lijiang and lijiang people to visitors more perfectly. As a tour guide after four years work, I really found my value, my direction. At first, I just wanted to make more money quickly, but from the fourth year, I changed. I just wanted my friends to have fun in Lijiang, and the tourists would be happy. Therefore, in recent years, I have been highly appraised by the visitors. Both the service to the guests and the explanation of lijiang’s folk customs and history are getting more and more in-depth.

Guests often say that they feel stay with their families when they are with me, and many times they are reluctant to leave. Some tourists came back from their country only to visit me. I was really touched. In recent years, I have been sending more and more AK teams by my company. Our AK team pays special attention to the meticulous service for the guests, the full understanding of the local culture and history, and the proper advice for the guests on catering and shopping at an appropriate time. In my mind, they are not guests, but friends after a long separation.

Now I often bring high-end guests to Aman hotel and Banyan tree hotel, most of the time the more high-end guests are the more easy to get along with. Now in the process of leading the tour, my first thought is how to serve the guests well and how to make them happier. If I can, I hope you can give me an opportunity. I will try my best to leads my groups. Thank you very much.

Sharon Wang, English-speaking tour guide in Lijiang