Sharon Wang-English-speaking Tour Guide in Lijiang

Hello, my name is Sharon Wang. I am a Naxi ethnic girl from the beautiful city of Lijiang, China. I am a full-time English tour guide with eight years of experience in the field. In 2011, I graduated from Chuxiong Normal University, majoring in Tourism Management and Education Service. Since graduating, I have been working as an English tour guide, a job that I love deeply.

Background and Expertise:

  • Ethnic Background: As a member of the Naxi minority, I take great pride in my heritage and enjoy sharing our rich culture and traditions with visitors.
  • Education: I hold a degree in Tourism Management and Education Service from Chuxiong Normal University, which has equipped me with the knowledge and skills necessary to provide excellent service to my clients.
  • Experience: Over the past eight years, I have guided countless tourists through the scenic and cultural wonders of Lijiang, earning high praise for my in-depth knowledge and friendly demeanor.

Passion for Guiding:

  • Cultural Ambassador: I am passionate about introducing tourists to the beauty, history, and culture of Lijiang. I believe that by providing the best service and the most comprehensive cultural experiences, visitors will leave with fond memories and share their experiences with friends and family, encouraging more people to visit Lijiang.
  • Personal Connection: I strive to make every visitor feel like a friend. Many guests have told me that being with me feels like being with family, and some have even returned to Lijiang just to see me again. This personal connection is what drives me to excel in my work.

Professional Approach:

  • High-end Services: I frequently guide high-end guests to luxury hotels like Aman Hotel and Banyan Tree Hotel. I find that these guests are often the easiest to get along with, and I take great care to ensure their satisfaction.
  • Comprehensive Tours: My tours focus on providing a thorough understanding of Lijiang’s local culture and history. I offer thoughtful recommendations for dining and shopping, ensuring that my guests have a well-rounded and enjoyable experience.
  • AK Teams: I also specialize in guiding AK teams, emphasizing meticulous service, cultural insights, and thoughtful advice. I view my guests not as clients but as long-lost friends, ensuring they feel welcome and valued.Sharon Wang, English-speaking tour guide in Lijiang

Commitment to Excellence:

  • Service and Satisfaction: My primary goal is to serve my guests well and make them happy. Over the years, I have refined my approach to ensure that every tour is a memorable experience.
  • Personal Growth: Initially motivated by financial gain, I have grown to value the joy and satisfaction of seeing my guests enjoy their time in Lijiang. This shift in perspective has led to numerous positive reviews and returning visitors.

I would be honored to have the opportunity to guide your tour in Lijiang. I am committed to making your visit as enjoyable and enriching as possible. Thank you very much for considering me as your tour guide.