Rush Yu-English-speaking Tour Guide in XishuangBanna

My name is Rush,an undergraduate from Hubei University.I was assigned to teach English in a senior school in my hometown around two years after graduation and then I went to Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region where I worked as a tour guide for 4 years.In 1993,I came to Xishuangbanna.Yunnan province.I was a beekeeper here for 6 years.Being a beekeeper,I travelled all around China with my bees,chasing different flowers to produce honey,flower pollen and royal jelly.It’s a wonferfull experience for me.I was facinated by the bees’ society and their life.However,farmers spray more and more pesticids with the development of modern agriculture.It’s getting harder and harder to keep bees.It’s a pity that I quit the job in 1999.

I have been in Xishuangbanna for over 10 years as a trekking guide since then.I used to be a beekeeper,so I love to be close to the nature.In Banna, we have 12 minorities and tropical rain forests.I’m familiar with the customs of the local peoples and forests.I’ve taken many people from home and abroad to go through the rain forests and visit the minority villages.My spoken English is out of question.Besides,I know much about the history of China,especially on China’s modern history.If you take intrest in it,you can raise any question you want.Sure enough,you’ll be satisfied with the answer from Mr.Rush,the “history professor”.
Trek in Xishuangbanna,go with Mr.Rush.