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Solo Travel Yunnan isn’t much recommended for there will be many things you need to tackle with, such as searching for information about the best time to visit Yunnan, the top attractions to visit, the best Yunnan Tours and the safety of traveling in Yunnan, etc. Of course, the best and mostly suggested way of travelling to Yunnan is to join a tour group operated by a specialized and anthentic travel agency, safe and worry-free. However, if you really want to have a special travel experience, the following guides for Solo Travel in Yunnan is collected for your reference.

When is the Best Time to Visit Yunnan

If you had to pick a single province in all China that would expose you to the greatest variations in topography and climate, it would have to be Yunnan Province. There is an old and accurate saying here that “You can enjoy all four seasons on the same mountain, where each of these four season is only a few miles distant from the others. So, the best time to visit Yunnan Province depends clearly on the region you like to visit. Yunnan is a very diverse province with the Himalayas in the north and subtropics in the south. Thus, there are also specific times of the year when it’s best to visit certain destinations.

Yunnan Climate by Region

What to Visit in Yunnan

Yunnan is the most diverse province in all China, both in its extraordinary mix of people and in the splendor of its landscapes. What come up to your mind when you think of Yunnan, China? DaliLijiangShangari-La, diverse ethnic minorities or moderate weather? Yes, Yunnan offers diversity both people and landscapes, which make it a dream destination for travelers. If you are in China, never miss this wonderful land.

Yunnan Attractions by Region

What Are the Most Popular Yunnan Tours

Yunnan Classic Tours are the most popular tours for travelers with limited time who are keen to see the major sites of the Yunnan Province, such as Jade Dragon Snow MountainErhai LakeLugu LakeDianchi LakeThree Pagodas and Chongsheng Monastery, Dali Ancient TownLijiang Ancient Town, etc. Yunnan Classic Tours are covered the main highlights of Yunnan and are recommendable for travelers who come to Yunnan for the first time. You get a glimpse of the traditional Chinese city life, experience the rich and unique ethnic folk custom, stroll around the ancient towns to discover more Chinese traditional culture, follow our step into Yuanyang Haini Rice Terraces, enjoy the fascinating rice terraces and take nice photos there, and visit the impressive and amazing sceneries areas, such as Stone ForestTiger Leaping Gorge. Yunnan Classic Tours offer you a journey with the highlights of Yunnan and help you to discover the different “Yunnan”.

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Yunnan Tours by Region

How to Get to Yunnan

With the growth of economy, Yunnan boasts very convenient transportation systems with modern transportation facilities. Yunnan is served by numerous transport modes including several civilian airports and a major highway and rail network, and forms an integral part of the structure Yunnan Province and the Southwest of China. Therefore, traveling to Yunnan, tourists can take those means of transportation for getting to and around. Yunnan Province is large geographically and its transport hub is the capital of Kunming, which acts as an important gateway, linking China to Southeast Asia, South Asia and the Asia-Pacific region. 

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Yunnan Transportation by Region

Choose a Good Hotel

A comfortable hotel guarantees a good rest. Pick your hotel with care; avoid lodging alone in a roadhouse in a dirty, noisy, or dangerous environment. Try to choose a more quiet and comfortable hotel to guarantee good rest. Remember to avoid going out alone, and plan to return as early as possible.

Safety Tips for Accommodation

  • Determine in advance where the emergency exits are.
  • Be sure there are no problems with the room windows, doors, or door locks; Lock the door securely before you go to sleep.
  • When using the bathroom, watch out the wet floor.
  • Confirm the identity of those who visit your room and do not let strangers in indiscreetly; for any questions, you can call the hotel’s reception.
  • Valuables should not be left in the room when you go out; it is recommended that you deposit them in the checkroom or take them along with you.
  • If you are a member of a tour group, inform your guide when you leave the hotel. Get a hotel card at the reception desk, with the hotel name, address and telephone printed in both Chinese and English. This will help you on your return to the hotel.
  • Try to stand close to the safety alarm buttons on the hotel lift in case of emergency.
  • Read carefully the hotel handbook of safety instructions and pay special attention to information on use of electric appliances.

Choose the Suitable Restaurant

Guarantee a reasonable diet and make sure the food is healthy. Bring some snack that is easy to carry. Eating more fruits helps to replenish energy and dispel fatigue. Eating well plays an important role in safety of Yunnan travel, which can help you better experience the beauty of Yunnan attractions.

Safety Tips for Eating

  • Avoid overeating during your Yunnan travel, especially seafood dishes. Eating or drinking too much is bad for your health.
  • Do not drink unboiled water. Bottled water is available to purchase in Yunnan. Do not buy the unbranded and dateless food produced by an unknown factory.
  • When eating in a restaurant, take care of your bags and valuables; give way to the restaurant staff to avoid potential scalding by hot food or soup.
  • Do not accept food, drink or cigarettes from strangers.
  • If you are fond of liquor, keep consumption moderate during your Yunnan travel.

What to Pack While Traveling to Yunnan?

It is recommended that you bring comfortable shoes. You will undoubtedly be doing a lot of walking, so comfortable shoes are a must. Sunscreen is recommended, as well as carrying bottled water with you. If you are a photography lover, do not forget your camera, film, and batteries.

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What Are the Currency and the ATM System in Yunnan Like?

Foreign currencies cannot be used directly in Yunnan, but you can exchange your money at the many Bank of China outlets throughout the province. Most major hotels in Yunnan’s larger cities will accept major credit cards. Your hotels also can change money for you and ATMs are easy to find.

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Will There be Problems with the Language Barrier?

Travelling in the cities and big towns in Yunnan is Ok even you don’t speak Chinese, most of the staff in the star rated hotels can speak English. However, it’s hard to get around the villages and small towns for your Yunnan ethnic culture travel if you don’t speak Chinese, and in some towns it seems like you’re the only one who speaks English. The people are generally friendly though, and will usually help as much as they can.

Matters Need Attention in Yunnan

Obey local laws and local customs

Yunnan may have the different laws from that of your country. It’s important to know that China has harsh penalties for people who possess or sell illegal drugs, and these rules and punishments apply to foreign citizens too. What’s more, Yunnan is a multi-ethnic place, please obey the local customs.

Protect Your Valuable Possessions

When you come to Yunnan, please take care of your valuables, especially the important documents. Do not leave your belongings unattended.

Remember the Important Phone Numbers

It is necessary to remember the important phone numbers, such as the phone number of your hotel. You can contact the hotel, if you leave something valuable in your hotel.

Ask for Help from Police

Whenever you meet something unexpected that may to harm you, do not hesitate to ask for help from police, hospital or other authorized organizations. For more information, please refer to our Emergencies.

Say “No” to Unreasonable Requirements

You might encounter some strangers who want to practice English with you. If you have enough time, then it’s ok to have a conversation. However, don’t come along if they start insisting on you going with them to some special places that you didn’t plan to in the first place. Don’t be afraid to say “no” to an offer. If you intend to continue the conversation, make sure that it is you who choose the place.

Appropriate Dressing

Dress rather more conservatively, especially as a woman. Do not wear over-revealing clothes or expensive jewelry, they may encourage unwanted attention. Avoid walking alone late at night or at places which make you have a feeling of discomfort.

Other Safety Travel Tips in Yunnan

  • In China, please had better not travel in peak seasons, such as Chinese New YearInternational Labor Day and National Day. If you want to experience the traditional festival culture, Taking a tour during the traditional festivals of China can get the opportunity to experience the festivals culture.
  • Be careful of the changeable temperature. A few chilly days could be followed by relatively hot weather. So it is better to take some early winter clothes to protect you away from the sudden low temperature.

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