The Ancient Tea Plantations of Laoshan Mountain in Malipo County, Wenshan

Chinese Name:麻栗坡老山古树茶
English Name: The Ancient Tea Plantations in Laoshan Mountain of Malipo County, Wenshan
Keywords: The Ancient Tea Plantations in Laoshan Mountain, Ancient tea tree, ancient-tree tea
Location: Located in Laoshan Mountain, Malipo County, Wenshan
Admission Fee: Free
Opening hours: All day

About the Ancient Tea Tree in Laoshan Mountain

Kuatu Village(垮土村), settled at the foot of Laoshan Mountain, is an amazing ancient village of Yao ethnic people where planted some old tea gardens. The people here are simple and the traffic is relatively closed.
Walking one and a half hours we can reach the unspoiled tea garden. The vehicles are not allowed to enter the tea garden. There are some national primary protection plant, Cyathea spinulosas, which are most known as living fossil of the plant.

About the Ancient-tree Tea

Ancient-tree tea, also called huge-tree tea, is only distributed in six ancient tea mountains of Yunnan and the new six tea mountain, so the tea production of ancient-tree tea is very rare. Ancient-tree tea has to be very. As long as you mixed any other tea like the terraced tea in the process of pressing the ancient-tree tea cake, it won’t be the ancient-tree tea any longer. And it will be called as the blended tea.
With age going by, the pure ancient-tree tea which is exquisitely and technically processed taste just like the well-brewed wine in the flavor, color and nutrients. Therefore, the ancient-tree tea enjoys high store and appreciation value.

About Laoshan Mountain

Laoshan Mountain is at China-Vietnam border, Malipo County, Yunnan Province. It is one of the most important strategic path to link the northwest of Vietnam and Yunnan Province. It is also an ancient and magical land.
Malipo found ancient tea trees in many areas. According to expert textual research, some tea trees have growing more than 300 years, and some especially tall tea trees are over 500 years old. One tree can harvest the dry tea at most 50 kilogram, which will be called as Chashuwan (the King of the ancient tea trees)by local people.
These tea trees are well protected and well grown in Loashan Mountain. They taste sweet and pure with an ancient tea flavor. Laoshan Mountain is a relatively concentrated area of ancient tea trees because the special geographical environment provides a good growth space for the growth of the ancient tea trees

The Location Map of the Ancient Tea Plantations of Laoshan Mountain in Malipo County, Wenshan