The Cherry Blossom Valley of Fuxian Lake, Yuxi

Why is Cherry Blossom Valley So Special?

The cherry blossom valley is a lakeside park built by the property developers to match the buildings and the hotels. The park is not large, but the view is very chic. There are many distinctive beach chairs at the lakeside, it’s like being on tropical seaside. Coupled with a lot of lavendars and various flowers, it is a good place to take wedding photos. There is a large area of man-made sand in the park, and the sand is very fine and very comfortable. As it is located at the northeast of Fuxian Lake, cherry blossom valley is a good place to watch the sunset.

The Cherry Valley of Fuxian Lake, Yuxi

Located on the northeast shore of Fuxian Lake, Cherry Blossom Valley is next to Yuechun Hotel, 15 kilometers away from the county seat. It is a high-end international pension community, mainly high-end health preservation function areas. It is equipped with five-star hotels and an ecological landscape theme park of about 200,000 square meters, and is a pension resort of integrating tourism, recreation, pension, leisure, vacation. Here are clear water, Sanya amorous feelings, cherry blossom theme park, lakeside bath, diving base and sailing-kayaking club. This is also the famous scenic spot where Geng Wei(耿卫) discovered the ancient underwater city of Fuxian Lake and CCTV has carried two live underwater archaeological broadcasts.

Speculation About the Ancient City in the water

According to history, 106 BC, the Western Han Dynasty established Yuyuan County(俞元县). Later, the ancient county seat of Yuyuan county suddenly disappeared, as for when disappeared? How? There is no record in the history books, but it spread among the people that the ancient city sank in the lake due to a great flood. On June 3, 2000, CCTV’s Oriental time and Space Program carried the first live broadcast of underwater archaeological activities in Fuxian Lake. Gradually uncover the mystery of ancient sites, ancient sites built according to the natural terrain, roughly in the Han and Tang dynasties. Fuxian Lake is located in an earthquake-prone fault zone. The ancient ruins might fall due to the earthquake, and then the water level rose and made it sink to the bottom. For the ancient ruins, people can not explore its true appearance for a time. So far, no conclusion can be drawn on it.

Nearby Attractions

The Cherry Valley of Fuxian Lake, Yuxi

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Fuxian Lake

Best Time to Visit

Different seasons have different scenery. In Spring, various flowers are in bloom, you can enjoy the beautiful cherry blossoms at the cherry blossom valley. In summer and autumn, Yunnan gets hot. Fuxian Lake is an ideal place to escape the heat. In winter, with clear weather and warm temperature, the lake looks more clearer and greener. You can fully enjoy the beauty of Fuxian Lake. Therefore, tour is possible at all seasons.

How to Get There

Bus is the main means of transportation to Cherry Blossom Valley. You can take long-distance bus from Kunming to Chengjiang County. After arriving at Chengjiang Bus Terminal, you can take No.2 bus or taxi to Cherry Blossom Valley of Fuxian Lake.

Kunming-Chengjiang County

There are midibuses from Kunming South Bus Station to Chengjiang County. It takes about 1 hour and a half to Chengjiang Bus Terminal. Ticket price is about 20 yuan each person. The phone number of Kunming South Bus Station is 0871-67361722.

Accommodation Around Cherry Blossom Valley 

There are many hotels on the bank of Fuxian Lake you can choose. It is not difficult to find a place to stay there.

Useful Travel Tips

1. Cherry Blossom Valley is close to Yuechun Hotel(Angsana Fuxian Lake), you can stay in the hotel for accommodation.

2. Ultraviolet ray is strong in summer, when you go to Cherry Blossom Valley on sunny days, remember to bring sunglasses, sun cream, sunhat or other sunscreen products.