Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office in Lianghe County, Dehong

Why is Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office So Special

Built in the first year of the emperor Xianfeng of Qing Dynasty in 1851, Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office is located at No. 103 Nandian Road, Zhewu Town, Lianghe County, Dehong. It is the best preserved chieftain government in Yunnan Province, announced on November 27, 1996 as the national key cultural relic’s protection unit. It is also the only currently unique national cultural relic’s protection units in Dehong Prefecture.

Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office, was decorated in accordance with the Han government office style, by 5 halls, 10 side rooms, 4 courtyards, 47 buildings, and all together 149 houses, covering an area of 10,625 square meters. The chieftain office can be divided into the tribunal, the parlor, the chamber, the center hall, the back garden, and 5 halls together with 10 side rooms by the hierarchy.

Where is Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office

 Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office is located at No. 103 Nandian Road, Zhewu Town, Lianghe County, Dehong Jingpo and Dai Autonomous Prefecture.

History of Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office

Xuanfu Chieftain was the regime dispatched by the central government in the feudal era to govern the frontier area, which ranked second among the three kinds of chieftains: Xuanwei Chieftain, Xuanfu Chieftain, and Anfu Chieftain in the local government. Xuanfu Chieftain who is the equivalent of a local emperor had the ultimate power of life and death. Entering the tribunal, visitors can view a kylin screen which is the symbol of the fourth-grade officials. The chieftain office is known as a government office in feudal China. In addition to the office, there are accommodations and some required ancillary buildings.


The chieftain official named Gong, originally from Nanjing, was born in Shangyuan County, Yingtianfu. In the fifth year of Dade of the Yuan Dynasty(1301), the emperor gave him the surname Dao, so he was also called Daogong. Later on, he was renamed Gong in the first year of the Republic of China. Dao’s ancestors once conquered to Yunnan in Ming Dynasty, and they were appointed as Xuanfu Chieftain Official because of their repeatedly meritorious military service. Then, they settled in Nandian, from 1398 to May 1950, five hundred and fifty-two years, with the succession to the officer of 28 generations.

How to Get to Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office

In Lianghe County, it is convenient to get to Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office. After arriving at Lianghe County, visitors can take one of the three transportation methods, such as

  • By Bus: There are many buses to other counties and attractions in Lianghe County.
  • By Taxi: Taxi is a good way to get to Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office at the starting fare of 5 Yuan.
  • By Bike: For those bike lovers, bike is a good travel method for short distance.

Best Time to Go


It is suitable to visit Nandian Xuanfu Chieftain Office all year round.

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