Nanhao Village of Mosha Town in Xinping County, Yuxi

Why is Nanhao Village So Special?

Honghe River(It is called Moshajiang river in Mosha Town of Xinping County) comes from the north, and all the way south to Ailao mountain, alluvial out a lot of fertile lands along the river platform. These platforms are located in the deep valley with hot weather. Because of lush vegetation and good light and heat conditions, they are rich in rice, mango, banana, pineapple and other products, can be called as the Xanadu of agrarian age. As early as thousands of years ago, there was a mysterious ancient Baiyue ethnic group百越民族 migrated and settled here. They dressed in gorgeous costumes, dyed the gold teeth, believed all things have spirits, and claimed to be the royal descendants of ancient Dian kingdom. After thousands of years, gradually, they extended to Jiasa Town of Xinping County新平县戛洒镇 in the north and the narrow river valley in Yuanjiang County of Yuxi玉溪元江县 in the south, formed a cultural peculiar “Huayao Dai ethnic corridor花腰傣民族走廊”. There are hundreds of Huayao Dai villages in all size distributed on this corridor, Nanhao village南薅村 is one of them.

Nanhao village南薅村 is a very small village, with 40 families and 168 people. They are all Huayao Dai people. The village is surrounded by streams and rivers. The environment is elegant and clean, and the village is clean and tidy. Almost all the houses in Nanhao Village are typical Huayao Dai traditional architecture, Tuzhangfang土掌房(Earthen House), which has a solid structure and flat roof. The biggest advantage is warm in winter and cool in summer. If properly maintained, they can stand at least 100 years. Most of Tuzhangfang houses in Nanhao Village look old. In recent years, as the villagers become richer, a small number of villagers have begun to renovate or build new houses, but the new buildings still follow the ancient style. As a whole, Nanhao village is still a rare and original Huayao Dai traditional village.

Features of Nanhao Village

Although Nanhao Village南薅村 is thought to be one of the ancient Huayao Dai花腰傣 villages in Xinping新平, because there is no written language in the history of Huayao Dai, it is impossible to verify when the village was built. All the cultural traditions of Huayao Dai are still preserved in the Nanhao Village. And different from the Dai minority in Xishuangbanna西双版纳 and Dehong德宏, Dai people in Nanhao Village worship natural totem, advocate primitive religion of everything has their spirits, so they don’t believe in Buddhism. You can’t see the pagoda in the village, but you can see sacrifice trace under the big banyan tree, the advocation of all things have spirit faith has been prevalent among the Baiyue ethnic people in the ancient time. Up to now, Huayao Dai people still regard it as an important part of daily life.

In 2010, Nanhao village南薅村 was listed as a special tourist village in Yunnan province. In 2013, it was listed as a special cultural tourism village of ethnic minorities in Yunnan province again. At present, all roads in the village have been hardened, the folk culture museum has been taken on a new look, some of the traditional Tuzhangfang 土掌房buildings have been effectively protected. The village is close to the main road of traffic, and more and more tourists have paid attention to this small village with strong flavor of Huayao Dai.

Where is Nanhao Village?

Nanhao南薅 means pure water in Dai language. Nanhao Village is a village with the administration of Manxian Village曼线村 Committee of Mosha Town漠沙镇 in Xinping county新平县, located in the southeast of Mosha Town and the west bank of Moshajiang River漠沙江. It is 440 meters above the sea level, and highway runs through the village. Nanhao village is 20 kilometers from Mosha Town, 84 kilometers from Xinping County, 182 kilometers from Yuxi City and 270 kilometers from Kunming, the provincial capital of Yunnan Province.

How to Get There

There are 6 non-stop buses a day from Kunming to Xinping County. Then another 2 hours and a half drive needs to spend from Xinping county新平县 to Nanhao Village南薅村. Of course, you can also take the regular bus from Xinping bus terminal to Mosha town漠沙镇, then go to Nanhao Village by chartered bus.

Kunming-Xinping County

Departure Time: 8:30, 10:00, 11:00, 12:00, 14:10, 16:30

Ticket Price: 73 CNY

Distance: About 180 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Recommended Hotels Around Nanhao Village

Here are several recommended hotels in Xinping County.

1. Shiguang Xiaozhu(Golden Time) Hotel新平时光小筑酒店

Address: Jiaxia Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道

Tel: 18887730188

Starting Price: 115 CNY

2. Nature Outdoor Villa新平大自然户外农庄

Address: Daha Liangzi, Daha Village, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪新平县戛洒镇达哈村达哈梁子

Tel: 15758024198

Starting Price: 93 CNY

3. Xinping Ailao Mountain Hotel新平哀牢山酒店

Address: The Middle of Jiasa Avenue, Jiasa Town, Xinping County, Yuxi玉溪市新平县戛洒镇戛洒大道中段

Tel: 0877-7393878

Starting Price: 111 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

1. Respect and learn Huayao Dai culture;

2. Transportation to Nanhao village is convenient.