Urban Dwellers Coffee-Yunnan Coffee

Origin: China/Yunnan Coffee Traders
Farm/Lot: Fu Yan
Farm Size: 130 acres
Processing: Natural
Variety: Catimor
Elevation: 1600 meters

Score: 87 .00+
Fragrance/Aroma: Sweet with Fruity
Flavor: Strawberries and cream
Aftertaste: Pleasant aftertaste that does not linger too long
Acidity: Perfectly balanced
Mouthfeel: Creamy with a rich velvety aftertaste

In Yunnan coffee for Urban Dwellers, the bag said it was baked by a real coffee roaster in Richmond, Virginia. Looking back on some of their past coffees, they are very popular. This kind of coffee is handled by professionals, which is great! Drinking coffee for career is one thing, but drinking coffee for the sake of not ignoring the career of coffee lovers is better. They expect a good product! There are three coffee growing areas in China, two of which mainly grow Robusta coffee. Yunnan is the largest of these provinces and mainly grows commercial Arabica, although some farms pay more attention to quality and enter the specialty coffee market. Yunnan is located in southern China, bordering Vietnam and Laos to the south and Myanmar to the west. Pu ‘er tea is here, which is certainly a familiar name for tea drinkers. The coffee of Urban Dwellers also comes from Pu ‘er, and the planting area is about 1600-1650 milliliters, although in this area, coffee may grow to 2000 meters in some places. Most of the coffee from Yunnan, including this kind of coffee from Yunnan manor, is Cartier coffee, which grows in sunny plantations. This is a completely washed coffee. Urban residents bring us the flavor of “cocoa and mild dried nuts, as well as peach/stone fruit, caramel, kiwi fruit and tomato.”


The typical layout of a coffee farm in southwest Yunnan is to plant 5000 coffee trees per hectare in sunny plantations. Catimor is a variety of choices for farmers in the region. it was chosen because of its low sensitivity to diseases, higher and faster yield. Farmers use a clean harvesting method, which in recent years has included a mechanical slime remover. Hu Xixiang stands out among these farmers-his manicured land shows the concern of an agricultural expert, as does the shade tree he planted to help fend off the severe frost that has ravaged crops in the past year.

The Road to Coffee

As a certified agricultural technician, Hu Shitai’s coffee journey began with his work in rubber and tea plantations. Besides being a tea taster and evaluator, he also provides technical support in tree maintenance, soil balance and basic planting operations. In the end, his role as a technician brought him to work in a company that was part of the region’s early coffee growing program.

He planted his first cup of coffee after receiving seeds from the local government in 1996. Although the massive frost that plagued the whole region from 1999 to 2000 destroyed the coffee trees, Hu turned on the power. With strong curiosity and a never-giving mentality, he started with about 165 acres of land. In 2003, he saw the first fruits of his labor.

The future of Yunnan coffee has endless potential, because men and women like Hu Xiaoling are firm, diligent and dedicated. In 20 years, people will look back to the past and see their great influence in the region, industry and personal life.

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Edited by Hellen He/何琴