Oness Resort Yuanyang Rice Terraces, Honghe

Chinese Name: 元阳万缮度假酒店
English Name: Yuanyang Wanshan Holiday Hotel
English Address: 1 kilometers from the entrance of Yuanyang Terraced Fields
Chinese Address: 元阳县新街镇哈尼小镇214省道近哈尼小镇入口
Tele:  +86-871-63511469

Hotel Standard: 5-star Hotel

Yuanyang Wanshan Holiday Hotel is located in the core scenic area, 1 kilometers from the entrance of Yuanyang Terraced Fields, 6 kilometers from Xinjie Town.
It’s the high-end hotel with the largest number of rooms and the most adequate capacity. There are more than 80 rooms with private safety box, Free Wifi, good lighting and ventilation. The hotel provides chinese & western meals and afternoon tea. Free parking, laundry service, travel guidance, luggage deposit are available. It’s near the Jingkou viewing deck where customers can get a wonderful view.

The Location Map of Wanshan Holiday Hotel in Yuanyang County, Honghe