Wood Carving in Jianchuan County, Dali

Jianchuan County is famous as the “hometown of craftsmen.” Craftsmen are good at sculpturing various figures, flowers and birds, landscapes, and pictures of dragons and phoenix that infer luck and happiness, and that decorate doors and windows, and furniture.

Jianchuan woodcarvings inherit and develop the excellent traditional skills of woodcarving. Craftsmen choose high quality mahogany, southwest birch, Myanmar red wood, natural plant lacquer, and the well-known floral marble as raw materials, giving the products practical use and artistic value, and make them worthy of collection.

On the basis of inheriting the tradition, craftsmen in Jianchuan have innovated series of new products which include classic furniture, wooden handcrafts, classic architectural decorations; with its perfect traditional workmanship, Jianchuan wooden carvings turn out to be exquisite, elegant and pretty, and belong to typical Bai minority art integrated with those of the Ming and Qing Dynasties.

The wood carving in Jianchuan contains the cultured and luxury furniture of the living room, lifelike nine dragon murals, nine lion murals, flowers and birds murals; the each sitting screens, hanging screens and screens; door, window and hangers of old buildings in park and several 100 species of various of race tour product.

The woodcarvings in Jianchuan are known all over the world. The Zhang Shengwen Painting Wood Carving of Dali Country in Song Dynasty which was made for the Race Museum of Yunnan and was constituted by 134 pieces of wood carvings, is 97.6 meters long, 1.8 meters high, total 176 square meters, and is rated as the national best woodcarving. The wood carving of The Dinner Of The End, which is the famous painting of Da Vinci and the wood carving of Peter, You Feed My Sheep, which is the famous painting of Later, both have good evaluation and influences at home and abroad. They have been sold to as far as more than 100 nations and regions such as Japan, America etc.