Zhang Kekang – Representative Inheritor of Motted Copper-manufacturing Skills Project in Huize County, Qujing 

Personal Profile

Zhang Kekang(张克康), male, Han nationality, was born in 1955 in Tongjiao Street, Zhongping Town, Huize County, Qujing City. He is the twelfth generation descendant of Zhang’s bronze spot craftsmanship. The representative inheritor of the bronze production technology project.

Zhang Kekang and Motted Copper-manufacturing

After the Third Plenary Session of the Tenth Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, the technology of Zhang’s brass was reborn. Zhang Xingyuan(张兴元), his father was old, but in order to inherit the production and processing technology of products, Zhang Kekang, his son, reopened in March 1990 to produce bronze. Zhang Kekang, under his father’s oral instruction and after nearly 20 years of practice and exploration, not only mastered the forging and spot-making technology, but also constantly innovated on the basis of the production and processing of the ancestor’s traditional technology. As a descendant of Zhang’s family, Zhang Kekang has mastered the art of producing bronze spot. His main products are “Bafang vase” and “Baer incense stove”. In addition to producing bronze spot, most of them are used to produce lamps, stoves, vases, incense stoves and other supplies with cooked copper.

Process Characteristics

Motted copper is made of natural copper, which must be forged by hand and processed by burning, boiling and showing spots. His bronze bronze works are simple, elegant and magnificent, with high appreciation and collection value, and enjoy the reputation of “one of the best in China”. Due to the long production cycle ofMotted copper and the scarcity of natural copper, the cost of raw spot copper is higher than that of cooked spot copper. The raw materials for producing speckled copper must be good raw copper (natural copper). There are more than two dozen processes for making speckled copper. Some of them have to be repeated many times. 

Social Influence

At present, with the support of governments at all levels, the scale of production has been expanding and the channels of product sales have been smooth. Zhang Kekang has trained his two sons as Inheritors in order to carry forward the bronze bronze art. His bronze bronze works have become a well-known brand in Huize County.

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Translated by Winnie/张赢