Yue Matong – Representative Inheritor of Jingpo Munaozongge Festival Project in Longchuan County, Dehong

Personal Profile

Yue Matong(岳麻通), male, Jingpo Nationality, born in 1941, is a native of Longba Town, Longchuan County, Dehong Dai Autonomous Prefecture. He is the representative inheritor of the Jingpo Munaozongge Project.

Yue Matong and Jingpo Munaozongge Festival Project

In 1980, Yue Matong studied Munao singing and dancing for his teacher Gong Bao(龚保) in his village. He often accompanied his teacher to attend Munao festivals. After several years of study and patiently instructed by the master, he has mastered all kinds of traditional rules and ritual procedures of Mu Nao, and learned how to be a good “Nao Shuang瑙双(the leader of Munanzongge Dance)” of Mu Nao. In 1989, after the death of his master, he began to perform his duty of “Naoshuang”. He can speak Chinese, Jingpo and Zaiwa. As the “Nao Shuang” of tens of thousands of large-scale Mu Nao Festival,earnestly lead the team according to the traditional line and have a steady rhythm, showing the profound historical and cultural connotation of Jingpo Mu Nao Festival from the dance steps. He can also play bamboo flute, guitar and folk songs, master Jingpo Genesis Epic, compile living utensils and use herbs to cure diseases.

Achievements and Impact

From 1985 to 1993, Yue Matong served as the youth group leader of the Longan Village Committee. He often organized performances of the Wenbeng Band and participated in the county’s literary and artistic performances. At present, he has three apprentices, often leading them to attend Munau Festival and other activities. He has participated in the annual Longchuan Longchuan Longkou Longkou Festival for many times. He has been awarded “Advanced Individual” for his outstanding role as “Nao Shuang, the leader of Munanzongge Dance”(瑙双). He was also invited to lead the dance at every Munau Festival held in Longchuan. From 1994 to 1998, he was invited to attend the Munau Festival in Lincang Gengma(临沧耿马), Mangshi(芒市), Yingjiang(盈江), Ruili(瑞丽) and Banwakachin Stat(板瓦克钦邦), Myanmar, and won many awards.

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Translated by Winnie/张赢