Babao Scenic Area in Guangnan County, Wenshan

Why is Babao Scenic Area So Special?

In the Babao Scenic area, one river (Babao River), two waterfalls(Sanla三腊, Gefeng戈峰), three shoals(Tianfanglei shoal田房磊滩, Shiyakou shoal石丫口大滩, Pearl shoal珍珠滩), three caves(Tang Na汤那, San La三腊, Yafang cavern牙方溶洞), four oddities(peculiar spring, peculiar wind tunnel, peculiar stone, peculiar wind) and five ancient relics(ancient cliff painting, hominid site, ancient writing, ancient cultural relics, ancient bridge) are the most attractive and interesting. Babao Zhuang ethnic town is rich in unique ethnic culture including ethnic crafts, flavor snacks, local products, traditional festivals, customs, traditional clothing, residential buildings and so on, strange, ancient and plentiful in layers.

Where is Babao Scenic Area?

Babao provincial-level scenic area is located in the southeast of Guangnan County, Wenshan Autonomous Prefecture, 160 kilometers away from Wenshan. The Babao scenic area is dominated by peaks cluster, peak forests and karst waterfalls. It is composed of four sections, including Babao, river, Tangna karst cave汤纳溶洞 and Sanla waterfall三腊瀑布, with a total area of 68 square kilometers. Annual average temperature is 16.5 ℃, it is not cold in winter and not hot in summer.

About Babao Town

Babao Town has a long history. There are many ancient bridges on the Babao River, most of them are stone arch bridges of Ming and Qing dynasties. Near ten antique stone arch bridges list on Babao River, which adds many scenery and interests for Babao Town. Bridges are mainly Duihe bridge对河桥, Babao double bridge八宝双桥, Tianfang bridge田房桥, Poxian bridge坡现桥, Namu bridge那木桥 and Binzhou bridge宾州桥, etc, among them, Babao double bridge is well preserved, and was listed as the key cultural relic protection object by the provincial government in 1988. Many ancient hominid sites not only prove the long history of the Babao, but also show that it is one of the birthplaces of mankind. Paleolithic site at Yujiayan cave of Baile village百乐村余家岩洞, Neolithic site at Longgen cave of Anling village安令村龙根洞, Neolithic Cliff painting and Neolithic site at Tianfang village田房村 and so on, have become a place that many science and educational personnel yearns for.

Babao Scenic Area in Guangnan County, Wenshan

Main Attractions

1. Sanla Waterfall三腊瀑布

Sanla waterfall, located at the Sanla village, 12 kilometers east of Babao town, is also known as “Xiangquan waterfall响泉瀑布”. The Babao river flows here, pouring down from a cliff more than 10 meters wide, and the waterfall was divided into three levels, with a drop of more than 120 meters.

2. Tangna Karst Cave汤纳溶洞

Bamei Village is surrounded by mountains and is not accessible by road. Bamei village mainly relies on two natural limestone karst caves to get in and out the village, one is behind the village, one is in the front of the village. The villagers have to touch the rock faces and take the bamboo raft, canoe or boat to pass through a water cave which is several kilometers long. This water cave is called Tangna Karst Cave.

Nearby Attractions

1. Bamei Scenic Area坝美景区

Bamei village of Bamei Town, Guangnan County is surrounded by mountains. Because of its unique karst landforms, caves, rivers and villages, people in and out of the village must sail through the cave. The land in front of the village is flat and open and behind the house there are green bamboos, which are similar to the Jin Dynasty litterateur Tao Yuanming陶渊明 described the Peach Blossom Spring桃花源, so it is called “The Last Xanadu”. People at Bamei are dominated by Zhuang people.

2. Puzhehei 普者黑

The Puzhehei Scenic Area is in Qiubei County of Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture, 13 kilometers away from county seat. It is a charming fairyland boasting beautiful karst landscapes, lakes and the unique cultures of the Zhuang, Miao, Yi and Bai ethnic groups.

Best Time to Visit

Babao Scenic Area in Guangnan County, Wenshan

Tour is suitable all year round, but the best time to visit is from June to October.

How to Get There

You have two ways to get to Babao Scenic Area of Guangnan County, Wenshan.

1. By Long-distance Bus

Long-distance route is Kunming-Wenshan-Guangnan-Babao, you need to transfer three times. After arriving in Guangnan County, you can take the regular bus from Guangnan County to Babao Town, about 2 hours.

Kunming East Bus Station-Wenshan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 7:20-20:10

Price: 126 or 117 or 140 CNY

Distance: 317 kilometers

Consume Time: 4-4.5 hours

Wenshan Bus Terminal-Guangnan Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 6:20-17:40

Price: 47 CNY

Distance: 178 kilometers

Consume Time: 2.5-3 hours

Guangnan Bus Terminal-Babao Bus Terminal

Departure Time: 7:10

Price: 20 CNY

Distance: 80 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Tips: The price and time are for reference only, specific with actual condition. More prices and departure time, you can ask for details at bus terminals.

2. By Railway

Now, train is more convenient and faster than long-distance bus from Kunming to Guangnan County. After arriving in Guangnan county, you can take the shuttle bus to Babao.

Kunming Station-Guangnan County Station

Departure Time: 10:36, 12:00, 12:19, 13:35, 13:52, 17:12

Price: 119.5 CNY

Distance: 424 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2.5 hours

Kunming South Station-Guangnan County Station

Departure Time: 7:30-17:40

Price: 109 CNY

Distance: 417 kilometers

Consume Time: About 2 hours

Accommodation in Babao Town

You can stay overnight in Babao Town or return back to the county seat of Guangnan County.

1. Guangnan Babaogong Hotel广南八宝贡酒店

Address: Close to Guangnan Bus Terminal, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山自治州广南县广南汽车客运站附近

Tel: 0876-5155999

Starting Price: 352 CNY

2. Guangnan TeAnNa Hotel广南特安呐酒店

Address: No.255, Beining Road, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山壮族苗族自治州广南县北宁路255号

Tel: 0876-5151299

Starting Price: 260 CNY

3. Yinhe Hotel广南银河大酒店

Address: Shangmao Street, Babao Town, Guangnan County, Wenshan文山州广南县八宝镇商贸街

Tel: 0876-3068286

Starting Price: 98 CNY

Useful Travel Tips

Babao Scenic Area in Guangnan County, Wenshan

1. Zhuang People live there. So you are supposed to learn some culture and custom of Zhuang minority in advance, respect zhuang minority culture.

2. In highland area, temperature difference is large between daytime and night, you must bring sun cream, sunhat, sun glasses, umbrella, coats and some medicines that protect from heatstroke.

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