Banguo Earth Forest in Yuanmou County, Chuxiong

Why is Banguo Earth Forest So Special

The main ditch of the Banguo Earth Forest is 3.5 kilometers long. The soil columns are mainly distributed on both sides of the Dashaqing(大沙箐) and the branch ditches. The main shapes are old castle, city wall, screen, column. The Banguo Earth Forest is the representative of monadnock in the old stage. Therefore, the height of the earth forest is generally 5-15 meters and the highest is 16.8 meters.Due to the rock difference of the developed strata, there are different colors of the earth forests. However, the small earth forest has a single color,including white earth forest, maroon earth forest, brown yellow claybank earth forest and pale yellow earth forest. In general, the main color is yellow. It maintains the original features of the earth forest, which shows the majesty of the earth forest. The surfaces of the soil columns are mixed with shimmering quartz sand and agate sand, as if inlaid with gems. Under the sunshine, the soil columns are multicoloured.

There is a wide Dashahe River(大沙河) in the middle of the Banguo Earth Forest. There are a series of laterally extending tributaries and gullies on both sides of the river. It seems that a row of august warriors are at a stalemate in the two armies, and it also seems to welcome the visitors from away to the desert world. Entering into the narrow gullies, there are spacious racecourse and parade ground. Along the edge of the steep slope of the surrounding, the soil columns are dense with all kinds of shapes, such as large-scale ancient building groups, the pagodas of Southeast Asia, Gothic-style ancient castles, ancient Egyptian sphinx, European Gothic-style ancient castle, ancient Egyptian sphinx, ancient Roman cathedral, Tibet’s Potala Palace, the Palace Museum’s Panlongzhu.

Where is Banguo Earth Forest

It is located in Pingtian Township, Yuanmou County, Chuxiong Yi Autonomous Prefecture.

How to Get There

There are no direct vehicles to enter into the Banguo Earth Forest. Therefore, visitors can get there by chartering cars or self-driving.

Introduction of Banguo Earth Forest

In the early Quaternary period-1.5 million years ago, there are many rivers and dense lakes, dense forests and numerous animals in Yuanmou Area with mild climate and abundant food. It is a paradise for the ancestors of the “Yuanmou Men”. With the passage of time, it had undergone enormous changes. The mud, sand and gravel brought by the rivers filled the lakes, destroyed the forests and ancient tribes, and buried some ancient humans, ancient creatures and ancient cultural sites. Afterwards, the neotectonic movement made the gentle river and lake strata uplift into hills and hillocks, and gradually developed the crust of weathering. At that time, Yuanmou had undergone strong sunshine, concentrated rainfall, obvious dry and rainy seasons, hot summers. The power of nature created the unique style of Banguo Earth Forest. The natural engraver slowly carved the stratum into shapes such as dragon pillars, palaces, temples, castles, figures, birds and beasts, and kept them. The ancient wonders of the earth forest have finally been achieved, forming a community of earth forests in the Yuanmou, which is rare in the world.

Best Time to Go

It is the best time to visit Banguo Earth Forest from November to March of the following year. Because it is the dry season, the road condition is better and the climate is warm.

Nearby Attractions

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China (Gantang) No.1 Lisu Ethnic Village is located in Gantang, south of Yuanmou County, 5 kilometers away from the county seat, with a total area of 15,000 mu. It is a tourism village characterized by ethnic customs. It also combines the colorful ethnic culture with local customs of the local people. It is a good place to taste the special food and experience the daily life of Lisu people.

Yuanmou Man Museum

Yuanmou Man Museum is located in Yuanmou County. It has a preface hall and five exhibition halls, which show the human origins, ancient human and paleontological fossils, scene simulations, etc. Since the opening of the museum, it has attracted a large number of foreign tourists to visit.

Wumao Earth Forest

Wumao Earth Forest, also known as Laohutan Earth Forest. It is about 36km from the downtown of Yuanmou County. The unique landscape was formed by geological movement and soil erosion one or two million years ago. It is named for its shape like immense forest and the main composition of the expansion is earth. There are four main styles columns : earth pillar style, castle style, bamboo shoot style and mushroom style.

Travel Tips

  • The sunlight is strong there, don’t forget to use sunscreen cream.
  • The temperature of Yuanmou  varies greatly between day and night.
  • The scenic area is large. Follow the route map and walkways.
  • Bring enough water because the air is dry in the area. There are few food store in the scenic area.