Best Places to Visit in Kunming

Kunming, the capital of Yunnan Province, is known as ‘the Spring City  ‘ for its pleasant climate and flowers that bloom all year around.  Today it is the provincial political, economical and cultural center of Yunnan as well as the most popular tourist destination in southwest China. Next following the best places to Visit in Kunming.

1. Stone Forest, Kunming

Stone Forest is reputed as “the first wonder in the world”. it is located 88 kilometers southwest of Kunming. it is located in Shilin yi autonomous county of Yunnan province. it is a typical karst landform. from a distance, the branches, blocks and clumps of huge gray-black stone peaks stand high in the sky, pointing directly to the sky, just like a vast and grey hessian forest, hence the name “Stone Forest “.

2. Jiuxiang Scenic Area

Jiuxiang Scenic Area in Kunming, also called the Museum of Karst Caves, is a cluster of hundreds of karst caves, forming the largest such complex in China. It is about 40 kilometers (25 miles) from the Stone Forest. Jiuxiang Scenic Area and Stone Forest are both karst landscapes. There is a saying that “in Kunming, people can appreciate the stone forest above the ground and karst caves underground”

3. Dongchuan Red Land

Dongchuan Red Land, centered on Huashitou Village in Dongchuan District, about 250 kilometers (155 miles) northeast of Kunming, has the most typical and special red soil on the Yunnan highlands. At an altitude of 1,800-2,000 meters (5,900-6,500 feet), the red soil is rich in iron and aluminum, giving it an amazing crimson color. The soils are interspersed with colored fields and crops, forming all kinds of patterns. Viewed from afar, the beautiful layered patterns, framed by blue sky and white clouds, look like a watercolor. Many photographers are strongly attracted by Dongchuan Red Land and come here to capture the beautiful scenery on film.

4. Jiaozi Snow Mountain

It should be hard to find a snow mountain in Kunming which is renowned as “Spring City”. But the miraculous Jiaozi Snow Mountain is an exception. The snow-capped mountain got its name because it looks like a sedan chair (Jiaozi). In winter and spring, the mountain is covered with pure white snow, with beautiful icefalls hanging from cliffs. In summer and autumn, the fragrant azalea flowers are in full blossom with bees humming and butterflies dancing around. In one word, scenery in the Jiaozi Snow Mountain is extraordinary. Enchanting lakes, magnificent waterfalls, attractive cloud sea, charming sunset, exuberant meadows, and beautiful azalea flowers will make you feel like you are stepping into a fairy tale world.

5. Dianchi Lake Scenic Area

The Dianchi Lake Scenic Area is located in the southwest part of Kunming City. Dianchi Lake is, beyond question, the center of the resort. There are numerous attractions along the lake captivating tourists. Among these are the Yunnan Nationalities Village, Grand View Park (Daguan Park), White Fish Park (Baiyukou Park), Haigeng Bank, Kwan-yin Hill, Western Hills Forest Park, temples and pagodas. Towns, big or small near the lake provide visitors with an opportunity to experience customs of the local people.

6.Golden Temple

Golden Temple, also known as Tongwa Temple, is the largest copper temple in China. As part of Taosit Taihe Palace (Hall of Supreme Harmony), it’s located on top of Mingfeng Hill (Singing Phoenix Hill).

Do you know why the Golden Hall is called “Golden Hall”? Because the hall is made of brass, The Hall shines brightly under the sun, hence the name.

7. Yunnan Nationalities village

Endowed with lofty hills, beautiful pools, exquisite traditional houses and rare plants, Yunnan Nationalities Village showcases the architectural styles, religious beliefs, and folk customs of 26 ethnic groups in exquisite detail. Backing on the Western Hill Forest Park and adjacent to Dianchi Lake, a pearl on Yunnan-Guizhou Plateau, the village is 10 kilometers (6.2 miles) far from downtown Kunming. It covers an area of 84 hectares (208 acres), including 31 hectares (76 acres) of water area.

8. Yunnan Provincial Museum

 As a comprehensive museum, it has rich collections of more than 200,000 pieces. For tourists, the museum can help you to know Yunnan’s history and the rich ethnic culture better; for history lovers, its rich collections give you the opportunity to better understand Yunnan and the ancient Dian Kingdom’s (278 – 115BC) historical features as well as wonderful bronze culture.

9. Yuantong Temple

Unlike all other Buddhist temples, which are built on an ascendant, you enter Yuantong Temple from above and descend along a gently sloping garden path. The view before you starting your peaceful walk beneath the gigantic cypress trees that line the garden path to the temple with its extensive array of flowers and foliage is deeply restful and impressive. A memorial archway with four Chinese characters -Yuantong Shengjing (Yuantong Wonderland)-is standing on the halfway; you can see the entire temple from here.

10. The Western Hills and Dragon Gate

In the western suburbs of Kunming is Western Hills. They are also called ‘Sleeping Buddha Hills’. For looked at from a distance, they have the appearance of a giant sleeping Buddha. They have also been given another name – ‘Sleeping Beauty Hills’ for the hills when viewed together look like a beautiful young lady laying beside Dianchi Lake with her face upward and her hair trailling into water. You can see the outline of her face, chest, and legs clearly.

11. Green Lake

Green Lake Park, aka Cuihu Park, situated almost in the city center and facing Yunnan University, is one of the most beautiful parks in Kunming city. It is at the foot of Luofeng Mountain and on the west side of Wuhua Mountain. Green Lake itself occupies 15 hectares (37 acres) in the 21-hectare (52 acres) Green Lake Park and used to be a part of Dianchi Lake, but has become an independent lake now because of the water level decreasing of Dianchi. Now the park is for daily leisure and playing with seagulls in winter for locals and travelers in Kunming.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!