Best Places to Visit in Wenshan Prefecture

Lying in the southeast of Yunnan Province, The Wenshan Zhuang and Miao Autonomous Prefecture is well-known throughout China for its Panax notoginseng, a valuable medicinal material, and is thus also known as the “Hometown of Panax notoginseng”. The following is the best places to visit in Wenshan Prefecture.

1. Puzhehei Scenic Area

Puzhehei tourist area is actually a huge wetland park. There are wild lotus pools, mountain peaks, large lakes and wetlands, and many wild birds. The original ecological natural landscape and villages are clean and simple, without any trace of modernity. Seeing them makes one feel the beauty and greatness of nature. The green mountains are graceful and straight, presenting a quiet and beautiful appearance. The water is clear, the place reflecting the sky is sky blue, the place reflecting the mountain is green, and under the blue sky and white clouds, one mountain, one water, one village. Even a good master cannot paint a beautiful landscape.

2. Qinglong Mountain

Qinglong Mountain is located in the central part of Puerhei Lake, the main peak is 1555.8 meters above sea level, opposite to Phoenix Mountain in the south, forming the pattern of “Dragon and Phoenix”. There are 8 karst caves including torch cave, moon cave, Zhangju stone cave and so on. Cave entrance is connected with lake, exceptionally mysterious. Standing on Qinglong Mountain, overlooking the full view of Puzhehei, Qinglong mountain top is also the best place to watch sunrise and sunset.

3. Swan Lake

Puzhehei Swan Lake is an ecotype lake, composing of karst solitary peak group, lake group, karst cave group and wetland ecological group, located in Puzhehei national scenic area and national AAAA level tourist attractions. The wetland organism in the lake area is extremely rich, and there are more then 100 species and 10000 migratory birds, like wild geese, swans, herons, egrets and so on. Since October 1, 2013, Puzhehei Swan Lake has been open to tourists. Visitors can choose to walk or ride in battery cars and battery boats to roam the lake area, watch the view of all birds fly together, as well as feel the harmony between people and nature, human beings and animals.

4. Luoshuidong Lake Scenic Area

The scenic spot is dominated by Luodong Lake, with open water surface and deep depth. Its main features are lakes and wetland pastoral scenery. The water area is connected to Puzhehei Lake in the south, with a total area of 4.6km. The average water depth is about 4m, the terrain on both banks is open, pine forests are flourishing nearby, rice flowers are fragrant, and the distant sparse solitary peaks give out hazy and majestic appearance.

5. Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village

Nahong Zhuang Ethnic Village is a film and television shooting base integrating Zhuang nationality custom experience and film and television shooting. Its purpose is to deeply explore cultural tourism resources, fully display Zhuang nationality culture, and display Wenshan Zhuang nationality custom in front of the public by film and television.

6. Bamei Village

Bamei is a very small village, but it is surrounded by mountains. This is a strange scenery caused by typical karst topography. It is no longer possible to build roads, so villagers have to take small boats to get in and out of the village and go through the dark and long limestone cave to reach the outside world. In a modern society where planes and high-speed trains are developed, it is really hard to imagine that Bamei Village has not yet been connected to the highway and still needs to pass through the water tunnel by boat. Moreover, during the rainy season, when the water level rises and even the water tunnel cannot pass through, the village is really isolated from the world. From this point alone, Bamei Village can be called “paradise”.

7. Babao Scenic Spot

Babao Scenic Spot,  known as “Small Guilin”, has winding streams, numerous peaks, waterfalls and flowing springs. Cave and village farmhouses stand among them with beautiful scenery. You can sit on bamboo rafts and drift down the river to the lower reaches. along the way, karst peak forests, thousands of rice fields and more than a dozen of Zhuang villages are lined up one after the other to show in front of your eyes. the scenery is as beautiful as a fairyland.

There are still many scenic spots waiting for you to explore and discover!