Brands of China Tobacco and Cigarettes

China Tobacco, operated by the China National Tobacco Corporation (CNTC), encompasses various brands catering to different consumer preferences. Here are some notable brands under China Tobacco:

  1. Zhongnanhai (中南海): One of the most well-known cigarette brands in China, Zhongnanhai offers a range of premium cigarettes, including Zhongnanhai Red and Zhongnanhai Yellow.
  2. Hongtashan (红塔山): Known for its strong flavor and distinctive packaging featuring a red pagoda, Hongtashan is a popular brand in China, offering a range of cigarettes, including Hongtashan Classic and Hongtashan Elite.
  3. Double Happiness (双喜): A classic Chinese cigarette brand, Double Happiness is recognized for its iconic logo featuring two red Chinese characters meaning “double happiness.” It offers a variety of cigarette options, including Double Happiness Classic and Double Happiness Red.
  4. Yuxi (玉溪): Named after the city of Yuxi in Yunnan Province, this brand is known for its smooth taste and high-quality tobacco. Yuxi cigarettes are available in several varieties, such as Yuxi Classic and Yuxi River.
  5. Baisha (白沙): Baisha cigarettes are known for their mellow flavor and elegant packaging. The brand offers a range of products, including Baisha Classic and Baisha Time.
  6. Nanjing (南京): Nanjing cigarettes are named after the city of Nanjing and are recognized for their rich flavor and heritage. Varieties include Nanjing Classic and Nanjing Red.
  7. Liqun (利群): Liqun cigarettes are popular for their smooth taste and affordable price. The brand offers options such as Liqun Classic and Liqun Red.
  8. Chunghwa (中华): Chunghwa cigarettes are a premium Chinese brand known for their high-quality tobacco and elegant packaging. They are often considered a luxury brand and are available in various styles, including Chunghwa Red and Chunghwa White.

These are just a few examples of the many cigarette brands under China Tobacco. Each brand offers a distinct smoking experience, appealing to different consumer preferences and price points.