Dadieshui Waterfall in The Stone Forest, Kunming


The Dadieshui Waterfall Scenic Area is located at 18.5 kilometers southwest of the Shilin County and 27 kilometers from the Major and Minor Stone Forests where special tourist cars are provided for visitors to come and fro which costs 2 hours. The landscapes are including the Dadieshui Waterfall, Xiaodieshui Waterfall, Cave of Celestial Being, Pigeon Garden, Half-Waterfall Park and Qingshui River.

Nearby Attractions

The Stone Forest

Xiaodieshui Waterfall

1.5 kilometers west of the Xiaodieshui Waterfall, the water pours down with great velocity, sending out a thunderous noise audible for several kilometers. It is the Bajiang River, a tributary of the Nanpan River, coming to the fault that forms this waterfall with the drop in elevation of 87.8 meters which is 18 meters higher than the Huangguoshu Waterfall in Guizhou Province. During the monsoon season the range will increase to 60 meters thus make the Xiaodieshui Waterfall to be the largest one in Yunnan and ranks first in Pearl River.

Qingshui River

The Qingshui River lies in the valley near the waterfall which is 3 kilometers in depth.

Cave of Celestial

The Cave of Celestial Being which is hundred-meter long and 6 to 10 meters wide, 10 to 20 meters high is facing the Dadieshui Waterfall in the middle of the mountainside where has stalagmites, stone curtains and etc.

How to get there?

By Long-distance Bus

You can take long-distance bus to Shilin County, then take mini bus to Dadieshui Waterfall.

Get Around: To have panoramic view of Dadieshui Waterfall, the cable car is a good choice which costs 15 yuan for single trip and 20 for double trips yet, walking down the stone steps digging along the hill will lead to the destination as well.

Travel Tips

The Dadieshui Waterfall Scenic Area has the ability to provide perfect services and tourism facilities with shops and restaurants, so do not worry if you don’t prepare enough food.