Dali Weather in June

Dali Weather and Climate in June

When you travel to Dali, Dali weather in June may be the hottest throughout the whole year, with the average high temperature being 25°C (77°F) and average low temperature being 16°C (61°F). However, compared with many other tour destinations in China, the climate of Dali in June is more suitable for traveling. June is the rainy season in Dali, but the rainfall in June of Dali often drops suddenly and lasts for a short time, which won’t influence your trip a lot. 

Historical Dali Average Daily Temperatures in June

 June  Average High  Average Low 
1 25.1°C / 77.1°F 15.7°C / 60.3°F
2 25.1°C / 77.1°F 15.8°C / 60.4°F
3 25.1°C / 77.1°F 15.9°C / 60.6°F
4 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16°C / 60.8°F
5 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.1°C / 61°F
6 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.2°C / 61.2°F
7 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.3°C / 61.3°F
8 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.3°C / 61.3°F
9 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.4°C / 61.5°F
10 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.5°C / 61.7°F
11 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.6°C / 61.8°F
12 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.6°C / 61.8°F
13 25.3°C / 77.5°F 16.7°C / 62.1°F
14 25.3°C / 77.5°F 16.7°C / 62.1°F
15 25.3°C / 77.5°F 16.8°C / 62.2°F
16 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.8°C / 62.2°F
17 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.9°C / 62.4°F
18 25.2°C / 77.3°F 16.9°C / 62.4°F
19 25.2°C / 77.3°F 17°C / 62.6°F
20 25.2°C / 77.3°F 17°C / 62.6°F
21 25.2°C / 77.3°F 17°C / 62.6°F
22 25.2°C / 77.3°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
23 25.2°C / 77.3°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
24 25.1°C / 77.1°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
25 25.1°C / 77.1°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
26 25.1°C / 77.1°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
27 25.1°C / 77.1°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
28 25°C / 77°F 17.1°C / 62.8°F
29 25°C / 77°F 17.2°C / 62.9°F
30 25°C / 77°F 17.2°C / 62.9°F

What to Wear for a June Dali Trip 

It’s not necessary to take too much clothes when visiting Dali in June, some thin clothing, like a shirt, or a thin blouse made from cotton and linen materials, is enough and comfortable. If you are scared of the strong UV rays, UV-protection clothing is a good choice to protect your skin. You can buy some local clothes. They are cheap and comfortable.

Places to Visit in June Dali

  •  Erhai Lake:
    It is worth to visit. If you have enough time, riding a bike around it is a comfortable and unique experience. 
  • Dali Ancient Town:
    In June of Dali, Medicine Buddha Birthday, South Gate Festival and Green Flag Festival are often celebrated in some temples in Dali Ancient City.
  • Cangshan Mountain:
    It is  another scenic spot to choose. If you would like to enjoy natural beauty. 
  • Three Pagodas and Chongsheng Monastery:
    The magnificent Chongsheng Temple and the well-known Three Pagodas are the symbol of Dali.
  • Zhou Town, Xizhou Town(喜洲镇):
    Tie-dyeing originated from the central plains area in ancient China over 1,000 years ago. Being one of the locations of this craftsmanship.

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