Dali Weather in May

Dali Weather and Climate in May:

When you travel to Dali, Dali weather in May is characterized by moderate temperature and short-lasting rainfall. The temperature averagely varies from 13°C (55°F) at night to 25°C (77°F) during daytime. You may experience the hottest climate at the middle of May in Dali if the rainy season does not come yet; sometimes, the highest temperature could reach more than 30°C (86°F).

Historical Dali Average Daily Temperatures in May

May  Average High  Average Low 
1 23.9°C / 75°F 11.7°C / 53°F
2 24°C / 75.2°F 11.8°C / 53.2°F
3 24°C / 75.2°F 11.9°C / 53.4°F
4 24.1°C / 75.3°F 12°C / 53.6°F
5 24.1°C / 75.3°F 12.1°C / 53.7°F
6 24.2°C / 75.5°F 12.3°C / 54.1°F
7 24.2°C / 75.5°F 12.4°C / 54.3°F
8 24.3°C / 75.7°F 12.5°C / 54.5°F
9 24.3°C / 75.7°F 12.7°C / 54.8°F
10 24.3°C / 75.7°F 12.8°C / 55°F
11 24.4°C / 75.9°F 12.9°C / 55.2°F
12 24.4°C / 75.9°F 13.2°C / 55.7°F
13 24.5°C / 76.1°F 13.4°C / 56.1°F
14 24.5°C / 76.1°F 13.5°C / 56.3°F
15 24.6°C / 76.2°F 13.7°C / 56.6°F
16 24.6°C / 76.2°F 13.8°C / 56.8°F
17 24.6°C / 76.2°F 13.9°C / 57°F
18 24.7°C / 76.4°F 14.1°C / 57.3°F
19 24.7°C / 76.4°F 14.2°C / 57.5°F
20 24.7°C / 76.4°F 14.4°C / 57.9°F
21 24.8°C / 76.6°F 14.5°C / 58.1°F
22 24.8°C / 76.6°F 14.6°C / 58.2°F
23 24.8°C / 76.6°F 14.8°C / 58.6°F
24 24.9°C / 76.8°F 14.9°C / 58.8°F
25 24.9°C / 76.8°F 15°C / 59°F
26 24.9°C / 76.8°F 15.2°C / 59.3°F
27 25°C / 77°F 15.3°C / 59.5°F
28 25°C / 77°F 15.4°C / 59.7°F
29 25°C / 77°F 15.5°C / 59.9°F
30 25.1°C / 77.1°F 15.5°C / 59.9°F
31 25.1°C / 77.1°F 15.6°C / 60°F

What to Wear for May Dali Trip

During the daytime, it’s better to wear some thin clothing with breathable material, for example, long skirt, T-shirt and shirt. A jacket, or trench coat is needed to keep you warm due to the declination of temperature at night in Dali.

Places to Visit in May Dali

  •  Erhai Lake:
    It is worth to visit. If you have enough time, riding a bike around it is a comfortable and unique experience. Raosanling is an Bai Ethnic Festival, a party for singing and dancing, which is held in Bai Ethnic villages around Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake.
  • Dali Ancient Town:
    It is worth visiting because of its long history. April is the best time to have a visit to Dali. Many ethnic festivals are celebrated in April. March Street Festival of Bai Ethnic Group, also famous as the Kwan-yin Fair, is one of the most important traditional festivals in Dali. It is mainly celebrated by the Bai Ethnic people. The date of March Street Festival is from Mar. 15-21 in the lunar calendar. It is held at the west of Dali Ancient City. It’s a good chance to learn about Bai Minority culture.
  • Cangshan Mountain:
    It is  another scenic spot to choose. If you would like to enjoy natural beauty. A lot of flowers come into blossom one after another, especially the rape flowers. Raosanling is an Bai Ethnic Festival, a party for singing and dancing, which is held in Bai Ethnic villages around Cangshan Mountain and Erhai Lake.
  • Three Pagodas and Chongsheng Monastery:
    The magnificent Chongsheng Temple and the well-known Three Pagodas are the symbol of Dali.
  • Butterfly Spring:
    If you come to Dali at the perfect time in May, experiencing the celebration of Butterfly Party, held mainly by Bai Ethnic Minorities, would be a fascinating highlight of your journey. 

Dali Weather and Climate by Month

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