Dali Weather in March

Dali Weather and Climate in March

When you travel to Dali, Dali weather in March is warm and sunny. The lowest temperature is only 7°C (45°F), and the highest temperature could reach up to 20°C (68°F) within a day. March is not the rainy season. Although March is a little dry, the soft sunshine and gentle wind make the climate suitable for outdoor activities. As the temperature is gradually rising, the pleasant climate makes March suitable for sightseeing. In March, the low travel season, tourists enjoy ample natural scenes with low price.

Historical Dali Average Daily Temperatures in March

 March   Average High  Average Low 
1 18.7°C / 65.6°F 5.8°C / 42.4°F
2 18.8°C / 65.8°F 5.9°C / 42.6°F
3 18.9°C / 66°F 6°C / 42.8°F
4 19°C / 66.2°F 6.1°C / 42°F
5 19.1°C / 66.3°F 6.2°C / 43.1°F
6 19.2°C / 66.5°F 6.3°C / 43.3°F
7 19.3°C / 66.7°F 6.4°C / 43.5°F
8 19.4°C / 66.9°F 6.5°C / 43.7°F
9 19.5°C / 67.1°F 6.7°C / 44°F
10 19.6°C / 67.2°F 6.8°C / 44.2°F
11 19.7°C / 67.4°F 6.9°C / 44.4°F
12 19.8°C / 67.6°F 7°C / 44.6°F
13 19.9°C / 67.8°F 7.2°C / 44.9°F
14 20°C / 68°F 7.3°C / 45.1°F
15 20.1°C / 68.1°F 7.4°C / 45.3°F
16 20.2°C / 68.3°F 7.5°C / 45.5°F
17 20.3°C / 68.5°F 7.6°C / 45.6°F
18 20.4°C / 68.7°F 7.8°C / 46°F
19 20.5°C / 68.9°F 7.9°C / 46.2°F
20 20.6°C / 69.1°F 8°C / 46.4°F
21 20.7°C / 69.2°F 8.1°C / 46.5°F
22 20.8°C / 69.4°F 8.2°C / 46.7°F
23 20.9°C / 69.6°F 8.3°C / 46.9°F
24 21°C / 69.8°F 8.4°C / 47.1°F
25 21.1°C / 69.9°F 8.5°C / 47.3°F
26 21.2°C / 70.1°F 8.6°C / 47.4°F
27 21.3°C / 70.3°F 8.7°C / 47.6°F
28 21.4°C / 70.5°F 8.8°C / 47.8°F
29 21.5°C / 70.7°F 8.9°C / 48°F
30 21.6°C / 70.8°F 9°C / 48.2°F
31 21.7°C / 71°F 9°C / 48.2°F

What to Wear for a March Dali Trip

Considering the rising temperature of Dali weather in March, just bring some thin clothing, like thin jacket and trench coat, to prevent the declination of temperature at night. When it’s warm during the daytime, a blouse, thin knitwear or thin sweater is appropriate and comfortable. A cap or a pair of sunglasses may be useful to protect you from intense sunshine. Besides this, a long skirt with local ethnic minorities’ elements is popular among girls and women for taking pictures.

Places to Visit in March Dali

  •  Erhai Lake:
    It is worth to visit. If you have enough time, riding a bike around it is a comfortable and unique experience. 
  • Dali Ancient Town:
    It was once the center of Yunnan Province in terms of politics, economy and culture, is worth visiting because of its long history. 
  • Cangshan Mountain:
     It is  another scenic spot to choose. If you would like to enjoy natural beauty. A lot of flowers come into blossom one after another, especially the rape flowers.
  • Butterfly Spring:
    Butterfly Spring where thousands of butterflies flutter among the branches and blossoms and over the spring forming an amazing ‘ Kingdom of Butterflies’.

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