Shizhong Temple of Jizu Mountain in Binchuan County, Dali

Shizhong Temple

Shizhong Temple(石钟寺) is one of the oldest temples of Jizu Mountain. It was built in Tang Dynasty and repaired in Yongle Period and Zhengtong Period of Ming Dynasty. There stand the plum blossom trees of Yuan and cypresses of Song in font of the temple, also the giant reclining Buddha behind the temple. Therefor, it is also called as the Wofo Temple(卧佛寺)(Reclining Buddha Temple). Temple enjoys the cliff painting and statues of Tang and Song dynasties, which are the important materials of the history of Buddhism in Yunnan Province.


It was said that the reclining Buddha was a “living Buddha” of Tibet, trekking for thousands of miles, and sincerely coming to the mountains for pilgrimage.

Shizhong (Stone Bell) Temple in Jianchuan County, Dali

After traveling around Jizu Mountain, his wish came true. He rested beneath the eaves of temple and slept eternally never to wake up. According to his posture, people carved the reclining statue and put the crutch besides him. After that, many Tibetan people hike for thousands miles to worship the reclining Buddha. These Tibetan people will play their instruments and dance for the Buddha.

Useful Travel Tips

When the weather is fine in Dali, the sunshine is heated, and ultraviolet light is strong. People should avoid direct sunlight, and the sun hat preparation is required during outdoor activities, a pair of sunglasses will make you comfortable in the trip.

Please keep quiet when visiting temple.

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