Yinsheng Tea Manor in Puer

Chinese Name:普洱市银生茶庄园
English Name:Yinsheng Tea Manor in Puer

Yinsheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd
Yinsheng Tea Industry Co., Ltd(普洱市银生茶业有限公司) in Puer was formerly known as Old Tea Farmers making in sumao (思茅)in 1994.From a private small business developing into a Tea comprehensive enterprise integrating tea planting, processing, scientific research and trade. In 2005, it was named by “Key enterprises in agricultural industrialization management”in Yunnan(“云南省农业产业化经营重点龙头企业”). 

At present,The company contracting more than 30,000 acres of tea gardens,owning more than 2,700 acres by oneself, fixed assets more than 9 million RMB, three branches,six tea Primary processing plants;one plant refining Pu’er tea; Two external offices in Beijing(北京) and Kunming(昆明) ; four tea houses and seven tea stores. Meanwhile,The company contacting 4 four poverty-stricken townships in Zhenyuan(镇沅) and Jingdong(景东), and more than 20,000 poor farmers. The enterprise by professional 20 years of research results on Yunnan Big Leaf Tea,has begun to lead these farmers into industrialization development.

At the International Tea Competition held by the American Tea Association, the company won the Silver prize by original “Green Tea – Cold Water making”(“银生绿茶-冷水泡”);At the 2nd Beijing International Tea Expo,won the Silver prize because of “Black Tea – Snow Red”(“银生红茶-哀牢雪红”);”Yinsheng Brand”(“银生牌”) was awarded as “China Green Project Tea Association Recommended Brand in 2005” by the China Tea Circulation Association;At the 4th Guangzhou International Tea Culture Festival, the most competitive competition, Yinsheng Pu’er Tea won three gold medals respectively in ripe tea,raw tea and Rare tea due to three different Pu’er teas.

Pu’er Yinsheng Tea Manor
Pu’er Yinsheng Tea manor is an inn-style luxury hotel located in Nanping(南屏), Simao(思茅),Pu’er City. The manor is backed by tea mountain, facing the reservoir,be surrounded by nature.Make you enjoy in tea fragrance and beautiful scenery. The rooms are beautiful, whether perfect and complete facility or elegant and warm environment,make you will feel free and comfortable.The hotel is integrated with the tea manor. The in-house visitors can experience a lot like picking, processing,compressing Pu’er tea,learning tea knowledge and making tea cake; Hotel restaurant can be customized mid-high part buffet, table meal, special tea meal, in addition to the exquisite meals can meet the taste of VIPs, but also elegant design can find pleasure in it; makes dining a free and pleasant fun. In-house visitors also can customize tea party and bonfire party. It is the first choice to people who want self-cultivation and Pu’er tea theme tourism.

Tea Class in Yinsheng Tea Manor in Puer