Kaiyuan Attractions

As the traffic fort and center city of southeast Yunnan, Kaiyuan has the development potential of tourism. There are some natural landscapes and cultural landscapes in Kaiyuan. Therefore, tourists can not only enjoy natural scenery like Zhimahu Lake Forest Park灵芝湖森林公园, Nandong Cave Scenic Area南洞风景区, Subtropical Botanical Garden亚热带植物园 and Lujiang Park, but also experience profound Chinese history in Majie Confucious Temple马街文庙, Sanjiao Palace三教殿, Guisheng Temple归圣寺, Jiutian Pavillion九天阁, Dazhuang Mosque大庄清真寺 and Yunwo Temple云窝寺. With beautiful scenery and pleasant weather, it is an ideal place for tourism. Besides, there are some traditional ethnic villages where tourists can explore the local ethnic culture. Detailed information of Kaiyuan attractions are offered as below.