Dieshuihe Waterfall and Taijiqiao Bridge in Tengchong County, Baoshan

Chinese Name: 腾冲叠水河瀑布和太极桥
English Name: Dieshuihe Waterfall and Taijiqiao Bridge in Tengchong County, Baoshan

The waterfall leaps down over a 46-meter-high precipice at the outlet of the Dayinjiang River, 1.5 kilometres away in the west of the county town, diffusing vapour all around. In sunshine, a rainbow rises from among the steaming vapour. There is an inscription of four Chinese characters – Jian Sao Feng Yan, carved on a cliff beside the waterfall, in which the calligrapher compared the waterfall to “a sword that sweeps away the dense miasma”. Arching the river before it leaps down is the famous Taijiqiao Bridge constructed by Zhang Wenguang, the leader of the Tengyue uprising in 1911 responding to Dr. Sun Yat-sen’s call.

Dieshuihe Waterfall and Taijiqiao Bridge,TengchongWater of Dayingjiang river flows across Tengchong Bazi from north to south and suddenly falls down from the huge fault cliff and forms the grand waterfalls. Above the momentous waterfalls there’s a Taiji stone bridge built by governor of west Yunnan ZhangWenguang in September of the second year of Republic of China.

Standing on the bridge, appreciating the waterfalls, they look like the milky way flows down the sky or like thousands of horses gallop, sounding like great thunders, which make tourists feel soul-stirring. Opposite the waterfalls, on the only peak is the waterfall-viewing balcony built by Yongchang prefect YanShitai in Jianjing year of the Ming dynasty and it had been expanded once by famous general Zilong in Wanling year of the Ming dynasty.

Li Yuanhong, President of Northern Warlords government wrote three Chinese characters—Longguangtai. There are many caved stones in the yard, most of which are excellent works of celebrities and scholars. The famous ones include a 206-character couplet written by Jinshi (successful candidate in the highest imperial examination held in the palace under the emperor’s supervision) of the Qing dynasty, Jun people—Cunkaitai.

Standing in the water-viewing balcony, enjoying the landscape, reading the long couplet and reviewing the history of important town—Tengchong, it may arouse your poetic mood and exuberant spirit.
Dieshuihe Waterfall and Taijiqiao Bridge in Tengchong County, Baoshan