Dongfeng Village in Bingzhongluo, Nujiang

Why is Dongfeng Village So Special?

This is a real village: no eyesores to spoil the view, no commercialism to dampen your spirits, just large farm houses set amongst gorgeous fields and fed by running water canals, all under the shadow of towering mountains. At the heart of the village is the 300- year- old Tibetan Temple Pu Hua Temple. It does have its own unique, rural, even naive charm. 

Where is Dongfeng Village – Location

The Tibetan Village of Dong Feng offers one of the easiest day trips from Bingzhongluo. Head north out of town along the main road and you’ll soon find yourself on a wide dirt tract with a river running below it. Continue for a few meters and the path veers sharply left; all of a sudden, Bingzhongluo has disappeared and Dong Feng comes into view. The steepness of the mountain slopes makes everything look closer than it actually is, and the path to Dong Feng is no exception. 

How to Get there

After arrive at Bingzhongluo, tourists can hike to the Puhua Temple or take a chartered car to. 

Attractions Nearby

The First Gulf of Nujiang River(怒江第一湾)
When Nujiang River flows through Ridan Village of Bingzhongluo, it is obstructed by Wangqing Grand Cliff so that Nujiang River is forced to flow in east-west trend instead of north-south trend. After running 300 meters, Nujiang River is cut off by Danla Mountain so it turn round from west to east. Hence the half-round gulf of Nujiang River.

Shimen Pass(石门关)
In the north of Bingzhongluo, two cliff straight up along the river bank and form a large stone pass in the height of 500 meters and in the width of 200 meters hence the name ‘Shimen Pass’. Shimen Pass is a stunning landscape lying on a beautiful slope along the river bank. The local people call it ‘Nayiqiang’. It is the essential way to get into Yunnan-Tibet.

Chongding Catholic Church(重丁教堂)
Zhongding Catholic Church is the most famous church in Bingzhongluo, built in 1904 and founded by a Frech missionary. There is a simple tomb behind the church where the founder missionary is buried.

Useful Travel Tips

► Shimen Pass seems more dangerous if be seen from Puhua Temple. This location is better than the bank of Nu River.
► Puhua temple is usually locked, you can go to the side small room to ask the Lama to open the door.
► There is no ticket for Puhua temple, but just give some money to maintain the temple.
► Outside Puhua temple is the famous First Bend of the Nu river.
► The main activities of Puhua temple are the “Gedou Festival”, which falls on the 25th to 29th days of the lunar 12th month, and the “Youjing Festival”, which falls on the 15th day of the lunar 6th month.